12 Spectacular Waterfalls to Celebrate Holi This Year

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The colors prepare to take to the sky again. Holi is close by and as the weather fills the atmosphere with the vibrancy of spring, it is time for fun, frolic, and happiness.While you immerse yourself in the vibrant colours of Holi, why not make a chilling entry into the scorching summer by celebrating the festival near one of the spectacular waterfalls in the country. Here’s a list of some breathtaking waterfalls in India to enjoy Holi at your own pace and style. 

# Kune Falls, Pune

The falls

Picture Credits: Arjun Nair via Flickr

Located in Lonavala, the Kune Falls awaits the travelers for seasons such as Holi. Get yourself soaked in the splashing waters and lush greenery to celebrate a fun-filled Holi near the Kune Falls. A perfect spot for the families to enjoy Holi in a different style.

# Someshwar Waterfalls


Picture Credits: Kaustubh Deshpande

This small archipelago is minutes from Gangapur road 7 km from the outskirts of Nasik city. An ideal city break, take your course to enjoy a splashing Holi this year. Explore the beauty of the Godavari River banks, as you embrace the new season with vibrant colors.

# Amritdhara Waterfalls

Amritdhara flls

Picture Credits: Amit Kumar via Flickr

If just viewing the falls is not enough for you, and nothing less than a dip in the cool water can quench your thirst, then Amritdhara Falls in Chattisgarh is just the right place to be. Just 117 kms from Ambikapur, North Chattisgarh, the Amritdhara falls emerges from Hasdeo river, a small tributary of the Ganges river flowing South.

# Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls

Picture Credits: David R

You may not agree with playing Holi with water but Dudhsagar falls is an escapade you will never regret. Combine your beach getaway with a detour to the spectacular Dudhsagar falls in Goa, and what you are seeking for is a breathtaking experience. The crystal clear waters of Dudhsagar falls will force you to take that leap into water.

#Corbett Falls

Corbett Fall

Picture Credits: Vikram Ramachandran

A pristine blue lagoon located just 30 km from Nainital and 28 km from Haldwani, the Corbett Falls is an eye-soothing delight for any traveller. Come spring and the weather around here is at its best to lose yourself in the joy of Holi. The natural green canvas and the splendid white water curtain makes an enchanting view; you cannot afford to miss it.

#Gira Falls, Saputara

The Gira Falls

Picture Credits: Vishal via Flickr

Gira waterfalls lying in the serene hills of Saputara has a splendid weather for most of the year. Just 88 km from Nasik city, this is your ideal Holi road trip break away from the city.It is easily approachable with a ride and is ideal for both family and solo travellers.


#Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

Picture Credits: Akash Anand via Flickr

If you are looking for the literal explanation of the word ‘spellbound’, then this waterfall will exactly show how it feels like. Located in Mussoorie, the Kempty falls is 49 km from Dehradun Railway Station and 14 km from the Mussoorie town. The scintillating blue waters here is sure to cast a spell on you.

#Athirapally Falls

Athirapally waterfalls, Kerala-India

Picture Credits: Natureloving via Flickr

Emerging from the Chalakkudy river, the Athirapally waterfall resembles a mythological setup, with the gushing sound of waters and the serenity around. The Athirapally falls is a part of the Sholayar Reserve Forest and is 31 km from Chalakudy town. The closest connecting city is Ernakulam, 72 km from the spot.

# Hanuman Gundi Falls, Karnataka

hanuman gundi waterfalls..

Picture Credits: Srinivas G via Flickr

The Hanuman Gundi Falls is a part of the pristine Kudremukh National Park, Chikmagalur District of Karnataka. It is 18 km from Kudremukh 38 km from Kalasa, Chikmagalur. Amidst the velvet green carpets of tea estates and exotic landscapes, the Hanuman Gundi Falls is about discovering your ideal ‘spring break’. The waving cascades of water rolling down the natural rock steps is a soothing experience for any explorer.

# Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Silver Cascade Falls

Picture Credits: Sandeep Lakkavalli via Flickr

The cotton white clouds in the sky and the rolling waters at your feet; there is more to see than to mention about the Silver Cascades. It has fitted the screens of many avid photographers for its splendid beauty. Located 88 km from Dindigul town, it is located amidst the exotic beauty of Agamalai Reserve Forest and is at the heart of the area’s tourist hub, centred among the beautiful resorts and viewpoints.

 # Sirimane Waterfalls

Sirimane falls, Kigga , Karnataka

Picture Credits: Vinay Chalageri via Flickr

The Sirimane waterfalls is located 19 km from Sringeri, Karnataka, a small town famous for the spiritual centre, Sringeri Sharada Peetham. Not only is this spot about a serendipitous detour from the mundane, but also an epitome of sustainable tourism. The water from this reserve feeds the nearby coffee plantations in the area and is at its most spectacular until the weather transitions into summer.

#Bhagsu Falls, McleodGanj

bhagsu water falls

Picture Credits: Madhu Ganesh Mohan via Flickr

Bhagsu waterfall is about half a km hike from the Bhagsu Nag Shiva temple from where the fall derives its name. It is 3 km from Mcleodganj Bus Stop and is one of the famous spots in the area. The soothing cool water from the hills is enough to chill off the heat as you enter into the spring season this year with frolic and colours.

Finally….as you go….

  • May the colours bring immense joy and happiness for all this year.
  • May you all fulfil your dreams, do away with your angst and spread harmony.
  • May you let go of the past and embrace the future.
  • May you seek more happiness and love for all.


Wishing Everyone A Very Happy and colorful Holi…




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