Top 10 Destinations In India to celebrate ‘New Year 2014’

Cheers to the New Year!!!

2014 is round the corner and it’s time to bid a good bye to 2013. What best way can it be other than taking a trip with your loved ones.

 Here are top 10 Indian destinations for you to choose from, as you plan to celebrate and welcome the New Year!!

Kohima, Nagaland

Come December and the streets are flooded with people to celebrate the ‘Hornbill Festival’. More than 72 different tribes gather at the ‘Kisama Heritage Village, Kohima’, to celebrate this event every first week of December.

Dance to the tune of the festival, enjoy wearing the traditional costume and elevate your senses with the best of the cuisine.

Gangtok, Sikkim

If you enjoy being in the hills, this is right place for you. But wait, don’t think you are only going to see here, there are things that can surprise you!! From night clubs to exquisite lounges, Casinos (Yes!! And I’ll show you one in the pic), floral gardens to hill top views, cable car rides to monastery, this place has a  look and feel you cannot afford to miss. Worth every penny of your celebration if you are planning to visit

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Another mesmerizing place if you really enjoy being on the hills. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Asia’s third largest and only monastery in India, the Tawang Monastery. With the statue of Buddha almost three stories high, the vastness of this heritage makes this place worth a while.

Witness the glory of our soldiers as you pass via Sela Pass and Jaswantgarh which makes the experience even more remarkable.

The Tawang market although is a tiny one, but you will find the best of the shopping items here. And hey, do not forget to see the Shungetser Lake (Also known as the Madhuri Lake..Find out why!!).Plus, this side of the country is altogether a new experience with its grassy mountains, the yaks, and of course the delicacies..

Auli, Uttarakhand

If you want to do more with your hill experience, you may like to try some ice skating..or may be try the highest cable car in Asia, or bungee jumping for a change; If you are looking for adding some adventure to your travel, this is the right place to be..

Come December, and Auli, Uttarakhand is full of travelers across the globe to participate in the International Ice Skating event. Let me leave the rest to you to go and find out!!

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Tired of hills and mountains!! Let’s try beaches instead. I like Pondicherry for a lot of reasons..One of them is its contemporary housing style,left behind by the French, the other one is the serene beaches.

If you really like beaches, this is one place you cannot afford to miss this New Year.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Want to try some ferry rides and go even more far. Then Andaman and Nicobar islands is the place calling you. Watch the beautiful beach sunset and enjoy the depths of the blue ocean and the coral reefs as you take a dip for snorkeling..

A million bucks experience I promise!!


I can’t say much about Goa, as it is known to all..But one thing you cannot miss is the IIFA Festival and the New Year Carnival between the  December and February.

This period witnesses visitors from all across the globe. And needless to say, you should be ready to spend heavily if you do not want to miss it.

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

This is one the unexplored places of India. The Rann of Kutch, in Gujarat marks its beauty through its salty white land which gives a bluish hue at night, as the full moon makes its way into the dark winter nights.

Added to it is the welcome and hospitality of the ‘Rann of Kutch Festival’. Lose yourself in the sandy dunes of Kutch as you make your way to a glorious beginning..

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

If you have not visited this city, it’s time to do it now; a great mix of contemporary and modern culture.

If you are a foodie then get ready to witness the food market of India, where you will find 56 different types of cuisines…Hmmm…I can see your mouth watering!!

So, if you are looking for enhancing your taste buds, this is the place worth taking a try!!


If you are one of those who likes palaces, horse and camel rides, vibrant colors, puppet shows,classical music and all this along with a rich and spicy cuisine, then yes, none better than Rajasthan..

I mention the complete state here as not one part will be enough for you to see..

From large palaces and fortresses to luxurious lifestyle, this place gives the glimpse of the Kshatriyas of India. Whether it is Bikaner, or the pink city Jaipur, Ajmer or Jaisalmer, every place has a magic unparalleled to the other.

And Finally, whichever journey you take this year, I pray to God that it be the most remarkable journey of your life…that which brings you the best of health, wealth, love, joy, prosperity and happiness..Keep traveling, keep exploring your dreams….

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