Top 10 Global Destinations to Celebrate New Year 2014

All set for the New Year!! If travel is all you seek, then the world is your home..Here’s top 10 best destinations where you can travel this year to make a remarkable beginning!!


Make your entry into the New Year with a breathtaking countdown across the resplendent ‘Victoria Harbour’, Hong Kong. Be a part of the pyromusical display as it lights up the skies above the iconic Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre.


Make your New Year memorable with the fireworks show across the Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Roof top bars, family getaways, cruising harbour, there’s a reason for everyone to be a part of it.


Lose yourself in Marina Bay Countdown 2014, or the Clarke Quay as you witness the evening make its way into the New Year.

Spend your afternoon at the Siloso beach as you rev up for the grand beach party..


Get set to celebrate the New Year at Koh Phangan Islands to celebrate the Full Moon Countdown Party, or book yourselves a cruise to watch over the Bangkok city celebrating the flashing New Year Lights..


If you are looking for a peaceful escape far away from the crowd and in the nature’s haven, this is one phenomenon you may never afford to miss!! Nature’s own way of celebrating the New Year as it pours magnificent colours in the sky ‘Aurora Borealis’.

Witness the beauty of nature over a glass of your favourite champagne at the bonfire as the Arctic Northern Lights spreads its majestic hue across the horizon..


Want more sunny beaches for your New Year?? Hmm..Caribbean islands can just be the right place for you!! Pamper your chill blains and get some sun tan on the exotic Barbados, Cuba or the Bahamas..

Grab a glass of your favourite wine and get ready as the native Bajans throw you an incredible street carnival you’ll remember a lifetime!!


Wait!! The party’s not over yet..If the party animals are not tired yet, they are still looking for more, then the Kuala Lumpur Countdown Party is just the right place to be..Get ready to watch the countdown over the majestic KLCC gardens and Petronas Towers.


Have you ever seen the palm islands during the New Year?? So, what are you thinking?? ‘Pack-ur-Bags’ and take a look as the Palm Islands Atlantis is lit up with the sparkling fireworks making your evening a splendid one…


Ready for some Sushi action on New Year’s Eve..Get ready for the enjoyment in the Imperial style..Watch the Emperor making a public appearance at the Tokyo Imperial Palace..

If you are looking for a light hearted get away, without much of disturbances, you might be looking for this one..What better way to start your New Year than waking up on the ‘Land of Rising Sun’..


Are you ready for the Ibiza Party?? Get rocking for the Pacha Ibiza New Year’s Eve with sizzling DJ Nights, thumping dance floors, pumping heart beats and make your way into the exciting New Year..

Kick off your party with the beach drive at the Grand Café & Beach.

And finally, enjoy your New Year, Drink Responsibly, Drive Safely, and have a Fabulous, grand and bashing New Year 2014!!!!!

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