Life on the hills!!

My best travel experiences of life have been the ones I took on the hills.India has a vast treasure of hilly regions along the Himalayas and every journey has been different and memorable..

arunachal pradesh

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Spent 7 months here..And everyday was remarkable.The sunrises, the waterfalls, the flowers, the clear blue sky, the valleys and the chills in the air..At an altitude of 13300 ft above the sea level, the sun has a different look which can be explained little here, but can be understood more with experience..


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If you really wish to enjoy the thrill of being in the hills, its here..The narrow valleys, with one side of your wheels always over the edge of the road was spine chilling, but man, this sunrise was worth all the effort!!

A small village called ‘Malari’, where I stayed, had surprises for me everyday..I could still remember the warmth of the sunrise at 10000 ft. It was blissful..The air so clean, the rivers so clear as mirror, and nature at its very best..


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I went here with my family last year..Again, to be left surprised..Wonderful valleys, beautiful people..There is more than hills this place has got to offer!! Never thought urban touch on the hills..but this is where I saw it.

Gangtok is a place I like the best among the hilly locations of India, as it not only offers sight seeing but avenues for enjoyment too..Whether its watching the city over the cable car, or having a shopping experience (Yes!! You will be surprised at the MG Market), whether its enjoying the flower show or the Casinos, this place brings one surprise after the other..

Some places create a lasting impression. There will be more journeys to undertake but  journeys like these are only a few, and they leave an impact for the rest of your life!!!

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