8 Reasons How Festival Travel Can Be A Life Changing Experience

Festivals play a major role in our lives as it is that one opportunity when we get to break free from our mundane lifestyle and seek some inner peace and harmony. But a trip to attend a festival in an unknown country can change the way we celebrate life altogether. Here are  8 reasons how festival travel can be great motivators.  

  1. It opens you to a new culture:

There may be several reasons to travel, but this one serves the most important; getting introduced to something you have never seen before. New faces, new rhythms and dance tunes, new ways to celebrate. The ways might change, but the essence remains the same; to celebrate and to enjoy to the point of bliss and ecstasy. No other event can allow that much of space than this.

  1. Helps you make new friends:

Well, you might not know the person next to you while you make yourself a part of the celebration, but knowingly or unknowingly, a smile goes a long way to make great friends, especially during such festive occasions.

  1. Great Ice-Breakers:

In a new country, we are always feeling a little hesitant to open up. The festive travels can help change your mindset and often help to open up and help you mingle with the crowd.

  1. Different way to learn about new cultures:

As I always mention, there is no better way to learn than by experiencing something. It applies to travel so well. No matter how much you read, the anxiety of seeing something through your own very eyes is always a human beings’ inner desire. Only traveling to that place and seeing with your very own eyes, the things that you have always read about or heard about can help you unlock the real essence of the place. Only then, one can understand the true meaning and perspective hidden behind a human culture, and also a civilization on the whole.

  1. Great opportunity to travel together to a new destination:

We run back home in festivals most of the time. Often, that itself is a mundane expression in itself. Why not take a break and celebrate a new festival?? The one we have never heard of before?? So, next time you plan to take a trip, consider choosing a festival trip instead. You may not know much about it, but hey, we do not travel because we know everything, right?? We do because we are keen to know something very closely about something we long to know about..

  1. Shop for festival souvenirs

This is for the shopping lovers. A new festival means new gifts and decorative items for the house. And there can be lots that you will be able to carry back home. A festival trip can be a great opportunity to bring back home something that can act as not only a great souvenir but also help you tell stories about the new festivals and the cultures you have just seen. So next time someone visits your house, you can tell them not only a story of your travel, but how you have been a part of a new culture altogether.

  1. Taste that festival food you never tried before:

I love this part of the story as I am a foodie too. So, I purposely kept it for the last. Although, a routine travel to a new destination also helps us to entice our taste buds, but a festival can be different level altogether. New recipes and varieties of sweets, eatables and all that stuff which may not be available round the year. Some festival venues also organize a complete where you can taste all varieties of food. For example, the Horn Bill Festival of Nagaland, witnesses 72 different tribes of that region at one place on the first week of December every year. Every tribe establishes its own stall where you can try all varieties of food, especially non-vegetarian food. I can promise that would have never seen so much of variety in your whole life.

  1. Great way of learning for kids:

Kids generally learn more by activities and involvement. This is the best way to make them learn new things than asking them to nose dive into their geography books.   And believe it or not, by the time you finish your travel package, they will have more information than their geography books…    

 Lastly, festivals are great stress busters and bring you back to life. We all need reasons to walk one more extra mile the next day. Such events are ones which help you to get back with renewed energy and enthusiasm, and give more reasons to travel again….            

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