Behdeinkhlam Festival

About Behdeinkhlam Festival 2014:

Celebrated by the Pnar Diasporas of the Jaintia Hills District. This unique festival in Meghalaya signifies the overcoming of destructive of nature and invocation to God for a good harvest.

‘Khlam’ means plague or pestilence and ‘Beh-deiñ’ means to overcome it. Preparations for this festival start 3-4 months in advance ie. from March with a ritual called ‘Ka Kbai Mooknor’ and culminates with a ceremony lasting 4 days and 3 nigths, after the sowing season is over.

The end of ‘Behdeinkhlam Festival’  is vibrant and colorful, as the entire town pours in to celebrate the festival. Folk music, dance, drums, cymbals, flutes, pomp and galore; the four days  of the festival is an epitome of joy and happiness, where the Naimtre faithful, both young and old, participate and forget themselves to the ecstatic tunes of the ‘Bom’ (drums) and ‘Bhuri’ (flutes).

Reaching There:

Just 66 Kms from the State Capital, Shillong, Jowai can be reached by road via SH-44 and is approximately a journey of 1 hr. and 26 mins.

 Tourist Information:

The Directorate of Tourism

3rd Secretariat, Nohrek Building, Lower Lachumiere

Shillong,Meghalaya, India

Ph: +91- 364-2500736/ 2502166



   Thadlaskein Lake: About 11 kms from Jowai. Legends say that it was built by followers of Sajar Nangli, a Laskor of Jaintia kings using bows. Thadlaskein is a lake donned with scenic beauty and a stunningly beautiful landscape, making it an ideal choice for an outing or a photography session.

  Ialong Park: Located about 8 kms from Jowai, this scenic attraction is the picturesque Sacred Grove of Seinraj Ialong overlooking the Myntdu River.


  Nongkhylem Wildlife Sanctuary:  Separated by a distance of approximately 80 kms from Jowai.


Nartiang: Located 29 kms from Jowai, it was once the summer headquarters of the Jaintia Kings. This place is famous for its unique cluster of monoliths. It is believed that a giant monolith standing at 27 ft was erected by a Mar Phalangki. The oldest Durga Temple constructed by the erstwhile Jaintia King stands here.

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