A day by the Taj Mahal

Spent a day travelling around Agra trying to recollect the memories of my childhood. I was 10 when I came to Agra to see the Taj for the first time. That’s how I realized for the first time the difference of seeing something in person and reading about the same thing in the books. What we know from books is often far from from what we witness!!!!

As I passed through the familiar passages, I had vivid memories of my childhood; I was able to recollect in an instance what I had learnt several years back, just by revisiting it. So much around seems to have changed, except for the ‘Taj’ itself. The Yamuna still embraces it like a jewel and adds to its beauty. The resting place of ‘Mumtaz’ still has the same tranquil, as I met with one years before.

The visitors of Taj may have changed, so have I in so many years. But the beauty of Taj seems to defy the laws of nature, getting even more beautiful with the passing time. So much has changed, but the ‘Taj’ is still the same….


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