My short stint at Singapore would not have been worthy without the presence of a hi-tech communication and transportation system within the country. The country being small, the scope of implementation is high in such a country; however, a similar model can be adopted at the state levels in India. Any tourist country can make the best out of its system by offering the best public transportation network, connectivity and communication network. Singapore is a city that was well thought over at every point before implementation. Every day, more than 1.5 million travelers move in and out of the country, more than the native population. And all this is possible through an exemplary public transportation network. Here’s how you can make the most out the public transportation system in Singapore. Read on….


The best part about the Singapore transportation system is its inter-convertibility. This means a single metro card can be utilized in the buses as well as trains and it can be topped up both at bus and the train station. So, one can choose to buy a metro card anywhere and use it for boarding both trains and buses to move around within the city. I boarded a bus to travel to Jurong Bird Park and realized that I can use the same card to travel from my place to the park that I used in the metro rail. So one card fits all purposes.

Ease of Information

The entire city is Wi-Fi connected and the city guides can be easily accessed over a secure network. One can access networks not only inside a shopping mall, but also while he moves around in the metro rails, buses or taxis. That means, you have ample means available to reach your target destination in short time. Also, the geo-targeting of the destinations allow pin-point access of the locations on the map. You cannot afford to miss out on the destination once you check it on the map.

I realized this thing when I boarded a taxi for the Tah Ching Road from the taxi stand, and the taxi dropped me exactly at the parking lot of the building. Now that’s what I call perfection.

Ease of communication

I entered inside a shopping mall and wanted to purchase a SIM card. The lady at the counter asked for my identity proof, scanned it online and verified my ID and immediately gave me an activated SIM card for use. So, I was able to convey instantly back home about my safety.

Internet is freely available through Wi-Fi network and can be accessed from any smart phone. The smooth online systems allow majority of the financial transactions online and hence less requirement of carrying cash in the pockets.

Availability of options

Buses, trains and taxis; there are a plethora of options to move around within the city. So, no need to worry if you miss any one mode of transport. If you are a little lazy, and are willing to spend more, there’s call on taxis available to pick you up and drop you at your desired destination. A taxi is available precisely every 10 mins, so, there is no hurry and no worry here. The taxi system here forms an alternative source of employment, especially for the retired people. If that is not all, the even more convenient way is to take the canal route. Singapore city has a hop on and hop off water ways connectivity which allows the travelers to take their own time and pace to explore the city. Board a boat from Clarke Quay and slowly move along the canal to explore the city. Alight at any one of the ports, explore and take the next boat and continue your tour. Simple!!

Availability of Emergency Facilities

Emergency facilities are within close reach. Explore all the emergency contact nos. here. The effective life-saving system allows the travelers to move around the country without hassles and worries.

The emergency services include Emergency Ambulance and Fire at 995, Police at 999, SCDF General Inquiries at 1800 286 5555 to name a few. SLA: One Map  is a mobile application allowing the users to access vital reliable, timely and accurate location-based information and services over mobile platform.

Accessing the tourist spots

The best way to move around is to first check out the metro maps. The maps are interactive and it helps you to check your position and availability of options from your place of stay. It is better that the places are earmarked first on the metro map and then start for the journey. The metro lines allow changing over of the trains from one route to another and a little careful planning can help save a lot of valuable time while moving around. In my four days of stay, I was able to cover Clarke Quay, Little India, Mustafa Market, China Town Market, Geylang Street, Jurong Bird Sanctuary, Singapore Zoo, Marina Bay and finally the Sentosa IslandsThanks to the ways the city connects itself, there can be lessons to learn and things to implement.

Save Money while you travel

Finally the essential part, is the time and money it saves by allowing to plan our trip carefully without hassles. Throughout my entire trip, I had to seek little or no help from the locals. The things were laid out in a simple and easiest manner for any laymen traveller to understand and comprehend, making time to have an enjoyable experience. After all, travel is more about enjoyment and experiencing the moment in an unknown destination; and it was indeed a joyful experience.

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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Very informative post…I am sure tourists will find this pretty useful. In fact, I would also love to visit Singapore sometime.


    1. rajatchaks says:

      Hello Mr. Alok,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and liking my post. It will be pleasure if I can help you with anything you need on travelling to Singapore.

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      1. Alok Singhal says:

        Sure, no plans for Singapore yet but would love to go sometime 😀


  2. Antonina says:

    Very useful and informative indeed.

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    1. rajatchaks says:

      Thank You Antonnia, I wanted to write a thank you msg on your website, but was not getting a comment box on your about page. Glad you wrote, else I couldn’t have replied my follower back…


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