What are Circular Journey Tickets?

What’s the best way to explore the entire India within an unimaginable budget you may ask? Well, what better than the Indian Railways. Are you planning for a pilgrimage tour for your parents? Or are you a nomad planning to explore the length and breadth of the country and wondering what’s the most cost effective way of doing it is? Then your answer lies in planning for a Special Carriage Journey with the Circular Journey Tickets.

Circular Journey Tickets allow the passenger with the unique travel flexibility, as they are issued for all journeys (except for the regular routes) which can begin and end at the same station. Circular Journey Tickets can be purchased for all classes of travel. It allows a passenger to take eight break journeys throughout the entire trip without any endorsements for the breaks in between.

Standard Circular Journey Tickets are also issued by the Zonal Railway Offices and cover the most popular destinations for the convenience of the tourists. The details such as routes, fare, booking information, train information, stations covered etc. can be obtained from the nominated station is each Zonal Railway. You can either choose to travel the already available Standard Travel Routes or you may choose to customize your routes and travel itinerary and book Circular Journey Tickets.

What are the benefits of Circular Journey Tickets?

Telescopic Rates and considerably lower fares than the regular point-to point packages. As the distance covered, number of stations, duration of travel, stoppages etc are longer than the regular point-to-point journey which is more source to destination focussed, it reduces the travel costs considerably, decreases travel planning hassles, time saving, and allows you to place the entire travel itinerary as per your convenience.

Can you please tell me the booking procedure?

The Divisional Commercial Managers of the division or the Station Managers of certain important stations to which the journey commencing station belongs can be approached upon finalizing the itinerary.

The relevant authorities will then calculate the cost of the tickets based on the entire itinerary and this then gets conveyed to the Station Manager concerned of the Station in the prescribed format. This form can then be presented at the booking counter of the originating station to book the Circular Journey Tickets.

After purchasing the Circular Journey Tickets, you will be required to approach the Reservation Office to reserve your accommodation for the various laps of the journey. You will then be issued with the reserved tickets for the journey.

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