Rann Utsav, a cultural extravaganza carpeted on the sandy dunes of Kutch, Gujarat, is a 3 month long festival and is a fusion of heritage, arts, music, literature and celebrations put together under the blue shades of the full moon. Step into this New Year with an enthralling experience as the festival holds your hands to make your way for a glorious New Year.

About the Place:

Rann in Hindi means the desert; contextually a ‘Marsh of Salt’; Thus, Rann of Kutch is a vast expanse of salt marsh and is a part of the Thar Desert, with some part of it extending into Sindh, Pakistan and is essentially divided into Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch.

Every year, travelers from across the globe flock between varied periods of this festival to become a part of this vibrant extravaganza. Every traveler with his own reason; some for…

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