Holi is a festival of fun, frolic, enjoyment and happiness. Every year, it is this opportunity that the country as a whole is actually identified as one, as all the people are painted in vibrant colors. The environment is full of enthusiasm, joy and extravagance as the people pour colors on one another to express friendship and oneness. Holi can become even more joyous if we play it more responsibly and show a genuine concern for our surroundings and people. Here are few things that you can do to make Holi better this year.

Use natural Colours:

One of the nastiest things of Holi is the aftermath, when you spend hours rubbing your face with soap trying to get that colour out, until your skin starts burning. That happens because of using artificial colours. Not only do they spoil the skin, but the effects may be permanent. Use natural colours instead which are made of biodegradable materials such as gulal and abir.

Do not waste water

The future generations are facing a scarcity of water with every passing day. The yesteryears have enjoyed the legacy of using water in abundance and the ‘free’ water available for use of everyone yesterday is now available on payment in bottles. That’s what the new generation will have to live with. A drop of water wasted is a drop reduced for the future generations. Let’s be responsible and stop any more wastage.

Avoid litter around

Just as the house we live in is cleaned every day, the same house is a part of the larger house called the planet earth. And we have littered it for long. Let’s give it back a small bit everyone by trying to clean up the mess we left behind after the festival.

Respect women folk

Women share an equal space in our community. Let’s respect them by being respectful to them during the festival. They do understand the essence of the festival and being forceful is only going to make it worse. If they refuse for some reason, please understand that they have their choices, and may be you are not one of them to celebrate the festival with.

Respect the reservations

The best way to spoil the festival mood is to put colours on someone who doesn’t want to play Holi. Please understand that he may be allergic to colours, or may be, he is on sabbatical for losing his dear one this year. He may not be prepared this year. Respect his reservations.

Do not disturb the traffic

A responsible Holi would be one that will allow the normal course of the day to continue. Just because one is happy, doesn’t mean he gets transformed to a hooligan. Holi is often played in groups and human tendency makes a man into a mob the moment he is in a group, doing things he must not. Honking horns while driving, making groups and driving on the streets and blocking the normal course of traffic is not Holi, its ‘Hooliganism’.

Do not drink and drive. Do not rash drive either

You are a hu-man, not super-man. Please understand that. Unless you are in a mood to prove something specific out of your adventure by drinking and rash driving, the usual consequence is that you and your unlucky friend in the backseat ends up on a sling in the hospital. Now, that’s not a very bright idea to celebrate Holi. Bottom line, you be in peace and let other’s celebrate Holi in peace. When you are in a group, make sure the one of you volunteers to stay away from that drink for that day.

Stop using ‘things’ other than colours

Grease, varnish, oil-paint, cow-dung and all sorts of substitutes that can render the mood of the festival can be avoided. The better way is to be a part of the Rain dance festival of your town instead. Or the dahi handi for a change. Holi is meant to be colourful and not otherwise.

Do not force non-drinking people to drink

This is one of the causes of mishaps during the festival. Making non-drinking people drink by deliberately mixing something in their sweet or drink is the most sheepish way you can express your happiness during the festival. The person might get sick and his whole festive day is spoilt.

Always be alert

Festivities may be a time when the entire population is busy celebrating and may be in their relaxed self. It is more essential to be alert especially during these times. Stay away from unidentified places, and be wary of unidentified things. Celebrate, but be alert.

Do not use the festival as tool for vengeance

Holi is a festival to forget past enmity, shake hands and move ahead in life. But unfortunately, it is often used as a tool to take vengeance in the garb of forgiveness. Holi colours everyone in diverse colours to make you realize that this is one day you and your opponent looks no different at all. It’s difficult to forget but not impossible to forgive, forget and let go. Shake hands, make friends and be happy, life is too short for vengeances.

Take your time to wish Holi to the Police and Security Personnel on Duty

These are the most harassed people in life. Consider this, when the whole country is busy celebrating their share of happiness, they and their families are deployed to make sure you are able to enjoy your most. Why not reciprocate with a small gesture of going to them and wishing them on Holi. After all, they come from the same society as you do. And before donning the uniform, they have been as regular a citizen as you have been. He was the one who grew right in front of your own eyes, went to the same school and grew up the very same way. This Holi, lets wish them too a Happy Holi.

Visit a temple in the evening for a change

No festival is complete without the blessings of the ultimate Lord. Though I mention it in the end, I do so because when everything fails, His Faith steps in to protect us at all times. So, take your time to make a visit in the evening and pay your respects to the Almighty. Sometimes, asking without expectation can do miracles.



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