How I enjoyed the Singapore Cable Car despite a Rainy Day

The taxi dropped us in front of the Jewel Box Station near Vivo city Harbour front. The road ahead led us to the reception centre of Sentosa Cable Car. It had been a rainy day since morning and I wished for some sunlight, which happened when we reached Sentosa Islands.

View of the city from Jewel Box Station
View of the city from Jewel Box Station

We were welcomed at the reception from where we bought our tickets. The glass panelled lift on the right took us three storeys up to the start point. The adrenaline was racing as we could see the breathtaking view of the entire City. More was about to come.

We boarded our car, a spacious one and it took off almost instantly. Within no time, we found ourselves hanging in the air, with a picturesque view of the country in front.

Through the Drizzle
Through the Drizzle

The cable car was suspended more than 1000 feet high and it was easier to feel the twists in the stomach. As the car moved ahead, the city behind started fading away and we could see more of the Sentosa islands beneath and ahead of us. There was still a little drizzle but it was not blocking the view.

Entering the first stop
Entering the first stop

The 1.65 kms cable car drive took us 25 mins and we were into the start point of the Sentosa Islands. We stepped down at the Sentosa Station at Imbiah Lookout from where the monorail would lead us deep into the islands for our next adventure.

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