Venturing through the Serenity in Periyar Wildlife Reserve, Kerala

Boarded and Ready
Boarded and Ready

The double-decked cruise line Jaltarangini waited for its passengers to get aboard for a serendipitous journey on the Periyar River. The experience of the wilderness a midst the tranquil of nature!! The engines cranked with a bleak staccato as it gently puffed the smoke on top. We sort of hurried to board it as we were among the last of them to reach. The sun was about to set and was in perfect placement between the hills on the either side of the lake.

The boat gently started to move along the river. The river had large submerged tree trunks all along its course,somewhat similar to the Sangetsar Lake in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh and added to the beauty of the river. The trees seem to have been artificially placed in the middle of the river, but they are natural!!

Herds of wild animals flocked along the banks on the either side, quenching their thirst after a long days work. Wild elephants, deers, bisons form the biggest attraction of the Periyar Wildlife Reserve. It was not a lucky day for us, as we did not notice any of the elephants on the way.

As we inched ahead slowly, a sambar waited at the bank on the left, standing gracefully erect and watching over us. It waited until the boat moved ahead a little more, then made its way back to the wild, being rest assured that it is not being followed.

The environment was at its best with a clear landscape reflecting over the water surface. Far off at the horizon, I could see the vivid shades of the Cardamom hills, adding glory to the natural beauty of the place. Couldn’t help myself from capturing as many photos as possible. It was time to move back home now, and as we moved back to the start, I had another memorable chapter to add to my journeys…

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