Travel Fiascoes: Fun time with Friends at Connaught Place, New Delhi

It was a Sunday and my friends and I had been sitting long enough without doing something exciting. Being in Delhi, sitting back home in weekends is criminal, especially, when you are a foodie, you like outdoors, and most importantly, when you have a friend circle. My vivid memories with my friends as I traverse the entire ‘Connaught Place’ area, just for fun and good time.

The trip started on a Sunday afternoon as three friends decide to go to the ‘Connaught Place’ after a brief discussion. The idea is ‘Have Fun’. So, I join my friends Mehtab Singh Sandhu and Chattarpal Singh Chauhan to explore the ‘Connaught Place’ area. Now, this is the funniest part. You might find us at the sporting a smile at the Dhaula Kuan Metro Station in the clip, but the fact is Mehtab has had a hard time trying to walk 4 Kms. from his house including the other two, as there was no pickup available. We started to have fun already!!! Well, there was some relaxing time as we boarded the ‘Airport Metro’ to go to the ‘Shivaji Stadium Station’. 

The train halted with a gentle screech and the hydraulic doors opened in front of us. We boarded the train in a hustle and the train almost immediately started off. I checked my bags and realized I have dropped my glasses somewhere!! Great!! The fun was building up.

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We came out of the ‘Shivaji Stadium Station’ and there was more walking, another 500 metres or so, until there was glitter in Mehtab’s eyes as he could point from far off the hot samosas ready to fill our stomach. Chattarpal Singh gave a twist to his mustache which indicated there was no time to waste.

After a sumptuous bite, it was time to paint the place red, I mean not literally, but to have fun!! But, there were other plans for the day. We started to explore the shops around the Connaught Place circle. The place is flooded with tourists especially on Sundays, and this Sunday was no exception. We passed by a shop which was heavily crowded. Curious, we checked it out.Keventer’s as the name goes, is famous for serving varieties of milkshakes. You name a flavor, and they serve it to you,as long as you are ready to experiment it on yourself. Well, it was time to give it a try!!!

And hmmm…. it was great. Cheers!! Not a bad deal, after the start of course.

Mustache or no mustache, that's the question!!
Mustache or no mustache, that’s the question!!

We moved ahead to witness the rest of the surprises. And we came across ‘Pind Baluchi’, the restaurant which serves authentic ‘Baluch Cuisine’. The non-vegetarian is a delicacy worth a try. The guard at the doorstep was enough to give a scare to a normal person, yet, he gave a thin smile as I asked him for this pose. The evening was setting slowly and we had wandered most of the place, trying to shop around. I as usual went on for a book, which is my favourite companion. My friends chose to buy some souvenirs.

Now, here’s the twist in the story. Chattarpal Singh had been with us all the way until we were shopping. As I and Mehtab turned around, Chattarpal was missing. He was behind us a fraction of seconds back. Now that was too fast for a guy to disappear, but it was Delhi and as I said, Delhi has its ways to surprise people. This, my friends was the pinnacle of fun!!!

Next one hour, the hunt for Chattarpal began, turning the entire leisure into search operation in no time. We searched every mall in next one hour, asked people around, trying to show the pictures of his curvaceous mustache we had clicked moments back, to everyone who walked around that place. That was frustrating!! A 35 year old man with all his insanity disappeared in broad daylight.Mehtab and I discussed all the possiblilites how Chattarpal Singh could have disappeared! But to no avail. Chattarpal Singh had suddenly vanished from the scene. We suspected that he must have found a tourist girl for himself, considering the fact that he was still an eligible bachelor and keeping happy.

Another hour of walk and no sign of him. So, it was time for me and Mehtab to say, let’s stop, and this is where we took some rest. It was wise to assume that Chattarpal Singh had already left for home by now. So, ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ was close by and the two of us, who were left behind decided to sip coffee. The evening had already set in and I was kind of wanting to board the train and go home..Wait, the story is not over yet!!!

Suddenly, we had this bright idea of compensating for the day by watching a movie show. And we booked the tickets at the PVR Cinema along the street. While Mehtab purchased the tickets, he tried to take a closer look at them when the guy at the ticket counter said ‘English mein likha hai (Its written in English), to which Mehtab replied almost instantly, “Main kaunsa Punjabi padh raha hun (what makes you think I am reading Punjabi). Well, the ticket was of the movie Creature in 3D, which we thought should be seen as horror movies in 3D seemed to be more realistic.

Well, we started to watch the movie and after 15 minutes, I heard Mehtab telling me, ‘Darr ja yaar, 300 rupaye kharch kiye hain..(Please get afraid dude, we have spent 300 bucks for this show). It was time to burst out laughing..Only we knew what happened during the whole day and as we couldn’t hold the laughter, we could see people watching us laughing in a horror show, trying to figure out, what part of the movie seemed to be hilarious for us. Or may be, they just thought we have lost our minds.

When we came back home, it was 1130 at night. We realized that our friend Chattarpal Singh had reached home safely and he was yet a bachelor. Our prediction had been wronged. Nevertheless, the day was full of fun..Sometimes, even fiascoes can be fun in life…

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