Road Trip to Badrinath with My Parents: Chapter-3

The next morning would take us along the route to Badrinath Shrine. It was cold, yet, the sunrise was clear, and the weather was ideal for the trip.

The Joshimath Sunrise
The Joshimath Sunrise

We started from Joshimath at 08:00 am in the morning. I passed by the known routes, and inside felt happy that my parents had joined me for this wonderful experience.

The Hanuman Temple on the Way
The Hanuman Temple on the Way

We came across the ‘Hanuman Temple’ which I had seen earlier, though did not photograph it, which I repented later on after I finished my last trip. However, this time, I was not in any mood to miss the opportunity.

This time, the Mount Kailash peaks had a different beauty altogether. Along the skyline, the sharp edges of the mystical Kailash Parbat was visible from far off, jutting out of the mountain pass in front, clearly demarcating its superiority.

For me, although it was another visit, yet the experience was new altogether. I think it doesn’t matter how many times you visit here, the experience is always different from the previous one, so I do not mind writing about it again.

We came outside the temple and it was time for a family photograph. My parents wish had been fulfilled and the smile on their face was that of contentment..Priceless indeed!!! I felt happy that I got the opportunity to fulfil one of their long cherished dreams..


The journey was not yet over though. There was a lot I had not explored around Joshimath as I want to leave something to see with my family members…More stories as I journey ahead….

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