Tapovan-The Secrets of the Natural Hot-Springs

The mountains of Uttarakhand, are considered as the newest rock formations, only 6,00,000 years old. Still under formation process, the mountains hold the signs of its original existence clearly indicating that their existence can be attributed to the massive natural forces in action and  have actually emerged from under the water surface.

The Hot-Spring at Tapovan
The Hot-Spring at Tapovan

One of the rarest phenomenon to witness here is the hot-springs. Emerging deep from under the rock surfaces, flows the underground water, and interacts with natural sulfur, until these springs find their way up to the land surface, They serve as a boon in these regions to protect the residents from the icy cold winters, when it is barely a challenge to keep the water hot for survival by artificial means, the hot-springs form a natural means of survival, a gift of nature to the people of this region.

The water boils inside the natural tank
The water boils inside the natural tank

The natural hot-springs in Tapovan, is a rare experience in itself. Located 14 Km. from the Joshimath town, it is one of the rare phenomenon to witness in this area. These springs have the potential to cure a lot of ailments. Sulfur acts as a deterrent to skin diseases and the soil next to the spring is like a fine clay; Want to cure some acne huh?? Try it out….

Ready for a Hot Shower???
Ready for a Hot Shower???

The road opposite to the Hot-Springs location has a public bathing system, for the travelers and passers by. Take a hot shower and feel the difference. In moments, all the pain of the body seems to flow away with the water pouring down, like a natural Ayurvedic treatment, I should say, relaxing the muscles, opening up all the cramps in the body and all that body pain seems to break away from you, leaving you light like feather as you come out. One of the most surprising things, though….You see that vapor coming out, doesn’t it look like you will burn yourself if you try to take bath in this hot water? Believe me, you will not? But, surprisingly, this water can boil few eggs and cook some rice, yet it doesn’t burn your skin…

Rest of the secrets, I keep for the explorers…why should I tell you everything, that you don’t come here at all??

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