5 Life Lessons That I have learned from my Journeys

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I am not a traveler by choice, but by incidence. My work and my passions have taken me to long distances and though I have not admitted for so long, I do admit here that there was always a longing of being back home, so that I can take my journeys together with the rest of my family. Here are 10  5 life lessons that I have learned over past one and a half decade of my journeys across India.

P.S. My sincere apologies for that typing error. 

1. Judge Less, See More!

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In my early days of my career, work used to keep me on constant travel, and so, I was never able to connect myself with the place too much. Often, I would not go to a place because I thought there would not be much to gain by going to that place and eventually, I missed out on lot of

Now, when I travel, I have a purpose in mind. I am more connected with the surroundings, adaptive and ready to learn new things. My journeys have taught me that life is around you, you just need to go ahead to explore without any prejudice. Stop analyzing and start enjoying things as they are..

When you judge too much, your dreams lose the faith in you..Judge Less! Observe More!! Let the life unfold itself….

2. Enjoy the journey, you will reach the destination (sometime) anyway

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We are so engrossed in reaching the destination that we have forgotten to enjoy the journey altogether. Sometimes, you need to take a break, breathe in deep, look back and see the rainbow of the paths that you have traversed in your life. Many say, forget the past and move on to the future. But, sometimes, when you are low, the happy moments of the past will you up and going. When you will be low on your journeys, your happy moments will help you come up. So, enjoy the journey, as long as you keep walking, you will get to your destination one day..Think it this way.

Instead of a destination, choose a destiny, so when you will walk the road, you will never have to look for something again, as the destiny will come walking to you… 🙂

3. Not all journeys go as you please

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So, your journey did not go well and now you have something to blame and curse all your life. But that’s the way it is. Not all journeys go as you please. Some journeys will make you uncomfortable, and when it happens, realize this that life is taking you out of your comfort zone.

Who will ever listen to your adventurous stories if there were no monsters, high tides, wrecked ships, lost islands, undiscovered tribes, and unknown treasures. That’s what makes the story interesting. Imagine Harry Potter only with his friends and his magic wand showing magic tricks on the street, with very little to make the story interesting ?? Will you ever bother to watch it? Not even children would do that.

When you had a rough journey,  forget the pain, but never forget the lessons. 

 4. Laugh out on the Uncertainties

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Life never comes with a Guarantee Card. We all have fixed mortal lives to live, but we don’t know the length of time ‘fixed’ for us. So, our journey in this world itself is ‘Uncertain’. But we still look for guarantees, warranties, assurances and promises, when deep within, we know they would be broken anyway.

But there is one thing very certain. We can find reasons to laugh and be happy. In little things, we can look for happiness and joy. In the midst of our rat race for livelihood, we are always put into situations we never want to be. For the sake of livelihood, all of us compromise the smallest joys of our lives, with a ‘Guaranteed Expectation’ in our minds that some day, it will be a happy day, and I will never live like this for long, until one day, you realize that the search for a ‘guaranteed life’ has eaten up the little joys and bonds forever, and even worse, you can spin the wheel backwards. That is the worst burden to carry on your death-bed.

Sometimes, things are uncertain because it is not coming from you, it is coming from the Almighty. You may not have the clear picture in mind, but only a path to choose, which circumstances will lead you into…

You need to listen to your inner self and embrace the uncertainty. Sometimes,  your inner self is Right. Actually, what comes from within is always Right.

5. Make Memories and some Lifelong Friends

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Travel is the best way to make friends of different sizes, shapes, colors, habits, languages and cultures. Whatever may be the case, the inner story remains the same. In the matters of heart, sometimes you do not need to speak to express what you feel and that applies in the case of friends. In my journeys, I have made friends from all walks of life. Sometimes while travelling on a flight, or on a bus journey, or may be at the railway station. On numerous occasions, I have found a stranger to be much helpful than the known.

Many friends are still connected, most of them through my blog (Thanks, and I love them all) and the rest in person. They all have been taking their interesting journeys, and what keeps me connected with them is the lone desire to seek the lessons of life through their journeys. No amount of books can teach what treasure the world beholds, unless you venture out to experience them.

My friends still keep me up on my toes with those everlasting memories. The hilarious journeys that I have taken with them form several pages in my book of life.

You may not choose how you came to this Earth, but you can definitely choose how you would like to go from here.

In the End

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  1. tanima chakraborty says:

    Hmmmm… Interesting experience.

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  2. roamulofied says:

    this is such a great read sir 🙂


    1. rajatchaks says:

      Hey, Thanks Brother…

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  3. Ramya says:

    Neat blog…. Great posts…

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    1. rajatchaks says:

      Hey Ramya, Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. Its always inspiring to get genuine views from readers. Thanks a lot…We keep talking ‘virtually’….Regards


  4. Archana Kapoor says:

    Lovely post! 🙂

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    1. rajatchaks says:

      Thanks Archana, how have you been???


  5. Alok Singhal says:

    This is a marvel, Rajat. You have captured it so very well. I just feel you have to put in the hard work to take the best out of yourself and do it with passion.

    Great motivation on Monday!

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    1. rajatchaks says:

      Thanks Alok…the best way to learn is to travel…books give us knowledge…but travel gives us wisdom…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alok Singhal says:

        Absolutely, i agree!


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