Learn How you can use Tripoto to Convert Your Travel Blog into Exciting Travel Itineraries

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Simple! You get an option of Publish trip on your Dashboard once you are in your account. There are four steps in this section and each section asks you questions intended to design your travel itinerary as you write. So, be deliberate as you type in the story. Read the basics of how the system works here.

Step-1:Basic Information

The basic information of course asks you about your destination, date and time. It also comes up with a tab to upload your photos which form the cover carousel of the Published Trip. You can select the best of your travel photos for publishing on the carousel; alternatively, you also have the option to include photos in between your text as you type your story on the type pad. Here’s what the basic information tab looks like:

Submit your blog

Step-2:Classify and Tag

This part is the most interesting as you will start seeing your story taking its shape into a travel itinerary. You will need to classify what kind of a trip it was, adventure, backpacking, Culture, city etc. You also have a tag option which allows you to tag your Social Media Connections and invite them to view your expeditions. The most interesting part: Money!! Here you can mention your approximate expenditure for the trip, in EUR, USD and INR. And finally, you can individually select and indicate on what all you have made your expenses. Once entered, it becomes easier for the reader to understand and make a fair decision based on your personal experiences. The selections you make automatically get highlighted in colors and the expenditure becomes clear.

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In this section, you can share information such as the hotels you stayed in, places you ventured during your travel such as street, national parks, museums, landmarks, beaches, hills, view points, food-joints, markets etc. As you keep adding your sequence of points, the information gets updated on your travel map automatically and the readers are able to view your sequence of travel itinerary.

Submit your blog

Here’s where you can pour your heart out and write to your length and breadth, as this is your story and it is about to get even more interesting. The text editor is as good as any other blog and allows you to insert text, images, videos and links. There is also a you tube button youtube to allow you to insert your videos directly from You-Tube. Once you are done with your writing part, you can preview your post and check how a Published Blog Itinerary will look like. As the readers read your posts, they not only get information, but also an immediate tool to make their travel choices. If the choices you made suits that of the your readers, they will definitely make a decision to take their trip, your way!!!!

Submit your blog

Before you publish, you can always preview/save your work and take a glimpse of your post. A published trip will include all the features that are required for the readers to make their choices after they have taken the relevant information from your blog.

What happens after that?

Once public, your posts are available for reading, wishlisting, and choosing for travel. Also, it goes much beyond this point. As the readers visit your posts, they will be able to see the maps, photos, itinerary and story all at one place. An author box at the bottom helps to add the final touches to the blog. Submit your Blog

 What else is in store for me?

Well, you did all that stuff and still wondering what the big deal is. So here I go. Every time your trip is published on Tripoto, you are eligible for some credits which can then be used for booking trips on Tripoto. There are two ways of earning credits, one by inviting your friends and second by publishing your real-time stories. You get 5 credits for every friend joining Tripoto through you and 50 credits for every new story you post. The higher the credits, the higher you are featured. Collect more credits to redeem Travel Vouchers for your trips. Learn more


Tripoto is a fantastic platform not only for the new travel bloggers but also for the veteran bloggers. It is a great way to monetize your blog as you convert more of your travel experiences into exciting journeys for others. And as you do that, you create your brand as a Travel Expert in the travel community.

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