The Mojito Retreat at 11th Avenue-Cafe`Bistro, Guwahati

Mojito on fire
Mojito on fire

The 11th Avenue-Cafe` Bistro is located adjoining the street where the Assam State Museum is located. After visiting the museum, I took a break to sip coffee here, but ended up with the refreshing mojito instead. Facing the serenity of the Prashanti Udyan, this cafe` can be an ideal hangout place in the evenings. 

11th Avenue- Cafe` Bistro Retreat
11th Avenue- Cafe` Bistro

After my visit to the Assam State Museum, it was time to take a short break and fill up my stomach for the next move. So, I came out of the museum and started across the street, and noticed an under construction building with hordes of electrical wires hanging in front, through which peeked out a stylish chic covered balcony of the 11th Avenue- Cafe` Bistro. I wanted to try it out so I just walked in.

As I entered into the building, and took the slim stairs, I came across the placard saying Nah-mas-tay, and was instantly touched with the words.

The internal gate opened in a large hall, and there was a good crowd in the afternoon. The cafe` is decorated in a retro style and also offers visitors a decent collection of novels to read over the aroma of their favourite coffee. The pictures of Marilyn Monroe and John Bonjovi form a part of the wall gallery.

I was hungry and was in a mood to eat, and also enjoy the tunes of the light country rock which was playing in the background. As I brisked through the menu, I came across the mocktails and it read mojito. It seemed the cafe` picked up its inspiration from the James Bond Movie ‘ Die Another Day’, with Bond staging the infamous ornithologist with an eye for the right views. So, I ordered a mocktail and a thin crust pizza; that I guessed would be enough to keep me moving for the next point.

Mojito on fire
Mojito on fire
Pizzza is served
Pizzza is served

The mojito came earlier and the pizza followed. The green mint leaves on the edge of the glass were a refreshing break from the scorching heat. I sipped it over as the music played in the background. I was enjoying the moment. By the time the pizza was delivered, I was at the peak of my hunger and I literally charged on the plate.

Across the door, I noticed the other visitors enjoying the coolness of the downpour that had started moments ago, and the otherwise hot weather turned into a pleasant one. It was an ideal time to sit outside and enjoy the pitter-patter.


I felt the cafe` is good and is worth a chance. A good hangout place in the evenings with a good ambiance and lots of space. Great place for book readers, music lovers and people who enjoy coffee over the balcony views. To sum it up

  • Ambiance: 8/10, Ideal for the evenings though not bad for the late afternoons.
  • Service: 8.5/10, the boys were prompt and acted in pace.
  • Food: 8/10: Mojito can be a must try and pizza was cool, though this is unusual for a cafe` menu.
  • Location: 7.5/10: Great location, but the outside of the building is disappointing. Hope they make it over soon.
  • Prices: 8/10:  They didn’t overcharge.

Overall: 8/10I loved the place.. I would like to drop in again once I pass by. They have placed it well, now it is their hard work to keep the ball rolling.

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  1. Thank you for this insight into a cafe that I will never visit from England in my golden years. I’ll appreciate it from afar.

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    1. In this life of uncertainty, never is a definitive reply. The cafe might not bring you to India, but who knows your book-writing will… you still seem to be in your very golden years.. as long as we wake up the next day, there is always a journey to take..


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