A Photo Journey of the Shaniwarwada Fort Pune

I was in Pune for a day staying in the vicinity of the Shaniwarwada area. And a trip in Pune cannot be complete without a short visit to the ‘Dagdusheth Ganpati’ and the Shaniwarwada Fort. Listed as one of the prestigious monuments in the Archaeological Survey of India, the Shaniwarwada was constructed during the reign of the Peshwa Bajirao in 1732 A.D. and completed at a cost of Rs. 16000/- at that time. An outbreak of an accidental fire destroyed the beauty of the fortification and what remains today is the aftermath and the ruins. The district off late has been trying to revive the beauty of the place due to its historical importance and it happens to be the most prestigious structure for the Punekars. Presenting to you a short photo journey of the fort.

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  1. Antonina says:

    Interesting slideshow. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel – will be great to see more.

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    1. rajatchaks says:

      Thanks Antonina..More is on the way…


  2. Cana Guest House says:

    Very beautiful. Great work. Thank you


    1. rajatchaks says:

      Thanks a lot..


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