5 Reasons you must Visit Shillong this Monsoon


Monsoons are here and as the entire country breathes a sigh of relief from the scorching heat of the summers, it is time to witness a delightful downpour from the balcony over chai and pakoras. But let it not keep you indoors the entire season as India turns even better at certain places during monsoons. As the monsoon pours with all its vivacity, and withdraws the traveler within you to the indoors, here are top 5 reasons you must consider traveling to Shillong this monsoon.

1. Misty Clouds:

Picture Courtesy: The views Paper
Picture Courtesy: The views Paper

If the clouds held along the edges of the hills intrigues you, then Shillong will leave you jaw-dropped. ‘Meghalaya'(The Abode of the Clouds) as the state is called, is at its best during the monsoons as from far off, you can see the clouds gently moving towards you from a distance. Come winters and you can see the water under the clouds. The best part is the view after the rainfall settles down for a moment and allows the sunshine to peep through, as you can witness some giant size rainbows (sometimes doubles) across the horizon. The valley of “Mawkdok” defines why Shillong, Meghalaya, India is known as the Scotland of the East.

2. Spectacular Waterfalls:

Picture Courtesy: MyBlog's Blog-The Elephant Falls
Picture Courtesy: The Elephant Falls

Your cameras will go click, click, click as the drapery of the waterfalls sway in the greenery of the hills. A view so enchanting that you will not feel like cranking your car engines to head back home I am sure. What adds to the beauty is the sparkling of the showers as they fall from the heights that create a magical stream of hue across the landscape.

3. Picturesque Valleys:

Picture Courtesy: Bikramjit Dey
Picture Courtesy: Bikramjit Dey

Shillong is a splendid destination for nature lovers, photographers and adventurers. The gradual mountain slopes and lush green valleys with an enthralling flora and fauna will surely entice the adventurer inside you. The valleys in Shillong offer a firm ground due to the grasslands and makes it easier to trek and hike on this side of the Himalayas in comparison to the North.

4. Captivating Wild Life:


Also called as the land of butterflies, there are more than 250 species of butterflies found in this region. Come monsoons, and as the valleys fill up with colorful flowers, the region fills up with some of the most intriguing patterns of butterflies from across the globe. The most exquisite varieties of butterflies which are admired all over the world are -Blue Peacock, the Kaiser-E-Hind, Leafs-Butterfly, the Dipper, the Bhutan Glory, the Yellow Orange Tip, Vagrant, the Common Blue Bottle, the Red-Breast Jazebel.

5. Riveting Landscapes

Dreamy Hills
Picture Courtesy: Partha Bhowmik
Picture Courtesy: Shaminder Singh
Picture Courtesy: Shaminder Singh

When it comes to the natural beauty, nothing can beat the enthralling and scenic landscapes of picturesque Shillong. In monsoons, the rain water fills up the pockets of the valleys, forming a blue carpet across the valleys. The green tropics and the alluring flora and fauna will make you come for more, and get you in love with this countryside.

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  1. Hey Rajat !! Excellent write up on Shillong, you have a intriguing style of writing. One question that popped up in my mind while reading this blog, Is it safe to travel mountain cities like Shillong due to large incidences of landslides during monsoon?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rajatchaks says:

    Hello Bhavesh, thank you for dropping by and liking my post. To answer your question, it depends upon the extent of your travel, mode of travel and also the spots you are travelling.

    I have ventured both ‘Northern’ and ‘North-Eastern’ side of the Himalayas and I find the North Eastern side to be much much safer anytime. I wonder why it remains unexplored and lesser known despite so much of potential. Even the layman can become a camping and hiking expert here.

    For Shillong, being a rainforest, it experiences rainfalls most of the time. However, the road network from Guwahati to Shillong has been expanded as of today and it is a fabulous road trip upto Shillong (The stoppage will be at Police Bazar). The landslide also is not as bothering as it can be if you try going to Uttarakhand at this time(A strict no, I say).

    So relax, your risk will be worth the journey. If you need anything else, do let me know…Regards


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