How Indian Nationals can use their Visa for a Free Pass to Philippines

Traveling to the tropical country of Philippines now becomes easier and cost -effective. With the latest Visa Regulations in place, use your existing Visa to explore this enchanting tropical country. Here’s how you can use your existing visas to plan a trip to Philippines

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Already Having a Valid Visa?

You are already on a holiday trip to South East Asia and feeling bad about not having seen Philippines. Then do not worry anymore. All Indian citizens who have a valid Visa for Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, US and UK can now get access to Philippines from any country for straight 14 days, after which the regular rules of the Visa will apply.

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What all Should You Possess for an Entry?

Here’s all that you need to place your foot on this tropical countryside

  • A valid Visa for Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, US and UK. 
  • A Passport valid for six (6) months at the time you land on the airport at Philippines.
  • A return/onward ticket to the next destination.
  • An authentic record with the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the International Police (Interpol).

What does all that mean?

Well, you have all that in hand and still confused what you can do with that. Let’s get you a step further on that.

  • A valid Visa with all the above countries mean you do not need to re-apply/ freshly apply for a Visa if you have to travel from India or any of these countries to Philippines, unless the tour-plan is more than 14 days.
  • Your 14 day tour-plan is extendable for another 7 days, that is maximum for 21 days of stay. For that, you must approach the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for an additional extension of 7 days.
  • A clean record with the BI and IP ensures faster documentation and approval.
  • The Visa is applicable for entry through Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manilla (NAIA-I,II,III) and Clark International Airport.
  •  This type of Visa cannot be converted to any other category.

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