This is how one man chooses to conquer the world!!!

In the rugged and the wilderness mountains of the ‘Isle of Skye’, one man takes on nature with a simplest of dare-devil. Climbing up a vertical with his mountain bike. Danny Macaskill  does it all with such ease and style that it seems as if the bike were a part of his body. 

Isle of Skye

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A picturesque island on the Scottish soil, the Isle of Skye is a patch of grasslands at its edges and gradually radiating at the centre with rocky mountainous patches. Sharp, vertical monoliths jutting out at the centre of the island with serene water body surrounding the island rarely makes it appear challenging from far off. But as one approaches near, the reality takes over this rocky countryside.

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A combination of basalt and Gabro rock features, the rocky mountains of the Isle form one of the most challenging mountain terrains of Scotland. With its vertical features and very little scope for firm ground while trekking and rock climbing, this can be a trekkers challenge of the lifetime. Riding a cycle on this?? I wonder what skills does one need.

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The highest peak of the mountains on this island is 993 metres (3258 feet). Although the terrain has a mix of riverine water streams in between the grassy patches, as one climbs up, the grassland profile gradually changes to rocky surfaces, the slopes incline vertical and the climb becomes even more tough.

The Climb

Here comes the harder part. It is easier (and the mountaineers and rock climbers would agree to this) to climb up a mountain than descending to the bottom. Running down the steep hill slopes with breakneck speed on a mountain bike does not only demand tremendous amount of skill and practice, but also a superb balance. By the way, did I tell you, this is no trial.

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This is pure extempore!! And Danny Boy does it gracefully against all the odds. And what a climb to the summit. Not only does he reaches there, he decides to ride down on his MTB, descending on almost 90 degrees vertical climb. Riding neatly through the narrow ridges and boulders, he drives his way down to the bottom with grace and dexterity. And the horizon behind seems to salute his audacity.

That reminds me of the quote….

In each of us there are places where we have never reached. Only by pushing the limits do we find them…

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