8 Adventure Activities to do on the Vizag Beaches: The Goa of the East Coast

Vizag may not be on your itinerary for the hottest adventure and beach destinations this year, but soon it will be, as this city is gradually gears up to quench the thirst of the adrenaline junkies. From beach sports to parasailing, cycling tours to rock climbing, Vizag is creating new challenges for the adventurers to explore. Here are 8 adventure activities to explore while you set your foot on the Vizag beaches. 

1. Surf and Swim at the Rishikonda Beach

Image Source: ttimenews.com

10 Kms north of Vizag town is the upcoming Rishikonda beach and is getting popular because of its unique natural crescent shape, and providing a safe haven for the swimmers and surfers. Crowds gather over the weekends to take an adventurous break and activities vary from swimming to sailing, wind surfing and speed boating. If that not be all, and you want to go pro, take a surfing class near the beach itself with one of the Surfing Schools.

2. Take Long Walks at the Waltair

Image Source: http://www.welcomzestlounge.in

For those who like to keep it low, (if you prefer it that way on your weekends), without bothering their adrenaline too much, the Waltair Strands can serve the purpose. Lined up with parks, restaurants, and shops made of container ships, it can be an ideal walking trail for the quiet and the comfy travelers along the beach. Enjoy the breeze with a walk on the trail.

 3. Go Photo-Shopping at Ramakrishna Beach and Lawson’s Bay

To the infinity
Image Source: Flickr

 Ramakrishna beach may not be too good a choice for the swimmers, but is good for the people who enjoy sand dunes, making sand castles along the beach and enjoy the sunsets, and of course, love capturing them in their lenses.

Image Source: http://www.indiantravels.com

Take a step further to reach the Lawson’s bay lagoons, and park your camera stands for some breath-taking sunrise and sunset views. This pristine beach has breath-taking landscapes with calm horizons that will set your cameras in motion.

 4. Get ‘Eco’-istic at the Kambalakonda Nature Reserve

Image Source: http://www.hikeezee.com

Hikers Ahoy! Get set for that much awaited jungle trail as you make your way through the dense yet greener pastures of the Kambalakonda Nature Reserve. A part of the Simhachalam Ranges of the Eastern Ghats, Kambalakonda lies on the South of the 25,000 acre sanctuary and on the west of the Rishikonda Beach. Reach for the watch tower in the middle of the jungle and observe the beauty from atop.  An ideal place for camping, bird watching and photography!! Don’t forget the bonfire!!!

5. Dive underneath the Sea with INS Kusura

Image Source: tripadvisor.in

Arranged inside the Soviet-built Kalveri class submarine, INS Kusura is India’s only submarine museum. Decommissioned in 2001, after 31 years of service, this submarine played a pivotal  role in the Indo-Pak War of 1971 and also proved its mettle in many International Naval Exercises along with several goodwill visits to various countries. A must-watch destination of Vizag!!

6. Go aerial for the Kailasa Giri Park

Image Source: http://www.go2india.in
Image Source: http://www.letsseeindia.com

Board the aerial cable way to take a spiritual trip into the lap of Kailasagiri hill top park. The abode to the white stone Siva Parvathi statue towering 40 feet in height. Witness the beauty of the place from the transparent walls of the cable car as it drives over the exotic gardens, the Floral Clock and the toy train car.

7. Get under the Dolphin’s Nose at the Yarada Beach

Image Source: http://www.excitingindia.in

The Dolphins Nose Lighthouse stands atop the Yaradakonda hill overlooking the beach front. The typical dolphin shaped hillock is about a 170 metres in height and visible far off from the sea shore. It holds up the light house 19 metres in height built up of stone masonry and overlooks the entrance of the Vizag Harbor. The vantage point offers visibilty over a distance of 64 kms into the sea.

8. Pay tribute to the Shivalingam at the Borra Caves

Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org

The Borra Caves is an abode for the visitors to pay tribute to the existing Shivalingam and Kamdhenu. Simply put, these caves are compositions of limestone having sharp stone spikes hanging from the roof, called as stalactites and stalagmites, which have formed with rock deposits over millions of years.

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