8 Reasons You Would Like To Spend A Vacation On ‘The Aquatic’ Resort in Kochi

Planning a relaxed break from the mundane this holiday? Why not drive down south to Kumbalangi,Kochi in the pristine greenery of rural India where a breathtaking serenity and a blue hued landscape awaits to soothe your soul. The Aquatic Resort is a 30-acre of floating oasis that combines stupendous architecture with phenomenal natural beauty of the backwaters.Here are 8 reasons that will make you spend a holiday here….

1. ‘The Aquatic’ is Asia’s First ‘Floating Resort’.

The Aquatic Resorts’  in Kochi, Kerala is the Asia’s First Floating Resort. With the gorgeous floating jetties resting on the calm waters, often moved by the gentle ripples, the Floating Resort is an architectural excellence at a perfect natural environment that will instantly calm your mind. And what more, boast your friends when you go home, to have spent your holiday on the Asia’s first floating resort.

2. You Want To Enjoy the beauty of Arabian Sea Coast

So, the beach too was on your mind! The Arabian Sea is just a 10 minute walk from the resort. Enjoy the glorious Kochi sunset from the green-tinged backwaters of the resort. Best, take a slight detour and move towards Kallanchery, a satellite island of Kumbalangi and you can also enjoy a plethora of beach activities such as crab farming, net making, casting nets and groping fish. The resort also offers bicycles as well as guided tours on request.

3. You Are Looking For An Ideal Romantic Getaway

Imagine a romantic setup below the water levels! Extremely private and for your eyes only! The resort has 10 such floating rooms aesthetically designed to make that holiday a moment of lifetime. With 3 level units and private deck for each bedroom, the resort is a getaway not only for those romantic breaks, but also for those private gatherings and special events that really mean important to you.

4. Fishing Is One Of The Activities On Your Holiday To-Do List

 If fishing is one of the activities on your holiday to-do list, then you are sure at the right place. With the ideal setup of the backwaters, boating and fishing comes as a part of the package. To top it up, you can ask for fishing gear and bait which the resort provides for your ideal fishing campaign. Or best, you can swing that net, cast it into water and catch the fish into your nets.

5. You Plan To Spend A Relaxed And Laid Back Holiday

Do not want to be disturbed this holiday? Then so it will be, as you relax on the deck with the blue landscapes and the palm trees surrounding the area. Planning to write that first book? Why not try doing that here? With the peace and tranquil around you, let your imagination work out its best, as your pen moves over the paper, creating a magical story. Spend those private moments with your loved one and rejuvenate your relationship as you give your loved one, that much awaited break.

6. You Enjoy Watching the Golden Sunsets

If you are in Kerala, and especially along the coastline, it is criminal to miss out on the sunsets, and the Aquatic Resorts takes care of that too. With the pavement and walkways bordering the exotic 30 acre resort, the sunset seems just a walk away. And when you are on an aquatic island such as this, the setting creates perfect reflections on the standstill waters, as you watch the sun go back home leaving a amber hue on the landscape. Time to click a breathtaking picture!!

7. You Want To Take A Dip Into The Infinity Pool

There are more ways than you think you can spend a quiet holiday here. Take a dip in the infinity pool for instance. The resort has well established its repertoire to create the first infinity pool. So, grab that mock-tail, take a sip and let your worries go, as you drown them with a dip in the pool. Let your imagination break free and experience the feeling of ‘infinity’  as you watch over the horizon from the calm waters.

8. You Want To Unwind With A Luxurious Break

Take a break in style and luxury. The resort has an exotic dining space overlooking the backwaters and is an ideal setup for that special evening, private functions and meetings. A complimentary continental breakfast is served in the morning will make the start of your day worthwhile. The resort also caters for the spa and Ayurveda treatments which adds to a rejuvenating experience.

Image Sources: Booking.com, Flickr

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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I fell in love with this place after seeing these fabulous pictures.

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