6 Advantages Of Owning An ISIC- International Student’s Identity Card

The best way to learn is to travel. Of all the ways that we choose to educate our child, none can match the knowledge that comes about with traveling. It exposes the child to new cultures, places, people and ideas. Gone are the days when we spent our life pondering over things we only read in our books, never to actually see them in person. So, those ideas would only continue to be a faded imagination, somewhere at the back of our memories, waiting to meet the reality so that we finally complete the understanding of things. Thanks to multitude of opportunities for the generation today, the young generation can continue their learning process without limitations. One such opportunity is owning an International Students Identity Card (ISIC). We try to understand through this article how it can benefit students who dare to travel towards their dreams!!!

#1. Students Can Travel The Whole World At Unbelievable Prices

Image Source: StarTravel

One of the greatest advantages of owning an ISIC is your passport to any country at unbelievable prices. Consider the ISIC Id as a gold mine of opportunities. Buy flight tickets, ferry, buses and trains at prices that you have never imagined. Avail concessions in hotels, hostels and accommodations, food, and sight seeing places. Make the most out of the travel experience as you learn on the go!!

#2. Get Access To The World Of Knowledge

Learning is an ongoing process and let your world not be held back by limitations. Get access to the world class art galleries, museums, theaters,historic sites,libraries, and plethora of educational resources using your ISIC Id. Connect with people in new ways, explore new methods to learn, and enhance your knowledge in innovative ways.

The book Study Abroad published by UNESCO contains 2,908 entries concerning post-secondary education and training opportunities in 124 countries.

#3. Shop Around With Loads Of Discounts

Image Resource: Tripadvisor

Yes! Whether it is that new mobile phone that you were looking for, or those cool glasses you have been eyeing on for a long time, you can avail such discounts easily. With an ISIC Id, you can buy avail discounts at your favourite coffee shops ,restaurants and hang out places.

#4. Avail Memberships At Premier Institutions

Image Resource: British Council

Imagine getting memberships at British Council, Study Portals, Theater Institute Netherlands, and expand your scholarly network. Many ISTC Member organisations administer programmes that allow students and young people to work abroad for short periods of time.Some ISTC Member organisations co-ordinate 2-3 week volunteer work camps, mostly in the summer months. Join one of these work camps available worldwide and explore a country from a different perspective.

#5. Make Cheaper Telephone Calls Across The Globe.

Image Source: MyISIC

With the power of the ISIC Id, you can save lots of money on your mobile bills. With ISIConnect, get access to cheaper international communication and save upto 70% on international calling across 160 countries. Isn’t that cool? Students can also choose from a selection of roaming or country specific SIM cards, mobile phones and global phonecard and start saving now as they travel the world, or study overseas.

#6. Get Access To Essential Services On Priority

With an ISIC Id, one can easily have access to essential services such as the 24 hr ISIC Emergency Helpline. This 24 hr helpline connects you to the medical services,legal services and travel advisors depending upon your requirements; free of cost!

Who All Can Own The ISIC Id?

Any full-time student above the age of 12 years can utilize the facility of International Students Identity Card. There is no upper age limit as long as the person is enrolled for any full-time program from a recognized university. Apart from ISIC, the other two memberships are: the International Youth Identity Card (IYTC) and the International Teachers Identity Card (ITIC).  As the names suggest, the IYTC is meant for the youth (not necessarily students) below the age of 30 years.

The ITIC Id is meant for full-time teachers who teach for minimum 18 hrs a week and are enrolled for at least an year are eligible to apply for the card.

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