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Photo By: Bill Dillard via Trover.com

Is New York City on your bucket list of destinations this year? If Manhattan is the only borough that comes to your mind first, the moment you think of New York, think again! The other four boroughs of the city still remain lesser known to the travellers like you, so why not change the course a little and cruise your way to the lesser explored Staten Island in the southwest? Here are some of the hotels on the island  that will help you to plan your trip here.

Experience the Statue of Liberty from the Hampton Inn & Suite Staten Island Hotel

With a spectacular view of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ in front and located next to the Financial District, the Hampton Inn & Suites Staten Island is your ideal place to begin with, for your island vacation. Priced at $152 a night, this property flaunts 107 rooms and offers its visitors with a delightful stay along the harbour front. It provides complimentary buffet as well as takeaway breakfast (weekday mornings), 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour business center, spa tub, indoor pool (limited timings), and complimentary Wi-Fi accessible throughout the hotel.

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Embark on a historical journey to explore the Richmond Town or take that family extravaganza with your children at the Staten Island Zoo. A walk along the Harbour Cultural Centre in the evening with your loved one combined with shopping at the Charleston Shopping Centre will make your holiday a remarkable experience.

Head for the Beachfront with the Quiet Rm

Located in a peaceful neighbourhood with picturesque surroundings, Quiet Rm is just 20 minutes from the downtown. An Airbnb property sporting at $ 113 a night, Quiet Rm is a private room equipped with a Queen size bed, a small kitchen, fridge and 61” TV, it is like your second home with a great balance between budget and luxury.

Photo By: Lisa Franklin via Trover.com
Photo By: Lisa Franklin via Trover.com

Take a five-minute walk across the street and board the Staten Island Rail providing FREE rail service (Yes, you read it right!) to move within the island. Explore the beach attractions with the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to the northeast and Franklin D Roosevelt Beach and the Fountain of the Dolphins to the east. Art lovers can entice their tastes at the Art Levin Galley or the Art Crafts International. Make your child’s vacation memorable at the Kiddie Wonderland Party Center Inc. Taste your favourite cuisines such as Italian at Trattoria Romana, Thai at Miyabi Asian Fusion, Sushi bars at Hokkaido, Indian cuisine at Taste of India-II, and of course at vegetarian at Kuzina.

Go for the Scenic Escapade with the Holiday Inn Express, Staten Island West

Touching the West Shore Expressway, the Holiday Inn Express allows a quick access to the Isle of Meadows to its southwest, Freshkills Park to the southeast, Meredith Woods to the north and  Willowbrook Park to the northeast.

Photo By: Jeff Toback via Trover.com
Photo By: Jeff Toback via Trover.com

Though a little over the budget at $211,it offers a lot of freebies such as morning newspapers, local phone calls and  high-speed Wi-Fi internet included in their standard package, along with its essential services.  Just 11 miles from the Newark International Airport, it is well-connected with all the mainland tourist attractions. The hotel uses the IHG (Inter-Continental Hotels Group) Green Engage System which makes your stay environment friendly along with comfort.

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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I have been to Staten Island and it is indeed a great one to see. If one is in NY, it is not only Times Square and Statute of Liberty to see!

    I have worked at Times Square for Morgan Stanley and still live close to NY.

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    1. Thanks Alok.. It will be nice of you if you can reblog some of your experiences as you stayed here..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alok Singhal says:

        It’s been long, buddy…exactly 10 years since I went there 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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