5 Best Hotel Programs for Earning Airline Loyalty Points

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hotel programsTravel options are getting easier than before. All you need to know is the right kind of tools to fund yourself. In my Airline Loyalty Program Series earlier, I spoke about how you can intelligently invest your travel funds to convert them into loyalty points. In case you missed out, here is the link to the post:-

The Trawellblogger’s Guide on Starting With Airline Loyalty Programs

In this post, we discuss the 5 best hotel programs that can earn you thousands of miles for your travel. Funding your travels through the hotel programs was never that easier. 

Agoda Hotel Program

Agoda is one of the cheapest hotel services I have ever used. Not only that, there is also an option to pay at check-in or hold booking until the check-in time. And if it allows you to encash loyalty points for more than 40 different Airline Loyalty Programs why not.

hotel programsEarning Points from Agoda is pretty simple. Follow this five-point process and you can link up your Agoda Account with their PointsMax Program. 

  • Sign into your Agoda Account.
  • Go to the PointsMax Page where you can update your Airline Account Information.
  • Use the ‘Link Another Miles Program’ to link your Airline Privilege Accounts to Agoda PointsMax.
  • At the top roght corner, you can select your preferred Airline Program for getting the miles into your account for the room bookings you make.
  • Once the stay is completed, the Airline Privilege Miles are credited directly into your account.

Kaligo Hotel Program

The Kaligo Hotel Program is a real return on your travel investment. The program allows you to maximise the miles earned at lesser cost for your hotel bookings. As a matter of fact, it converts almost 30-45% of your travel expense into loyalty points, which you can use for your next bookings.

hotel programs hotel programsThe Kaligo Hotel Program is a balanced combination of budget and luxury hotels that fits the budget of almost every kind of traveler. You can use the Kaligo Hotel Program as under:-

  • Sign into your Kaligo Account.
  • Use the Add Membership tab to link up your Airline Loyalty Program
  • Select the preferred loyalty program while using the hotel search engine and search the hotels.
  • The booking engine opens the hotel deals along with the Airline Miles for making a booking.

Rocketmiles Hotel Program

Rocketmiles is another hotel booking program that helps you earn miles faster on your hotel bookings. Rocketmiles however has an average price of Rs. 3500/- or more, the higher priced hotel in the beginning can eventually help you gain enough miles to encash for your later stays. The minimum miles earned through the Rocketmiles program is 2000 Miles and the loyalty points earned depends and differs from one program to another.

hotel programsTo use the Rocketmiles Program, use the following steps to sign up with the program and credit the loyalty points.

  • Sign up into your Rocketmiles Account.
  • Go to the Rewards Section of your account.
  • Here, you can use your Airline Loyalty Account Number to link your Airline Loyalty Program with your account.
  • Once you start making the bookings, select the right program to earn Loyalty Points on your account.
  • The Loyalty Points are credited to your account once you complete your stay with the hotel.
  • You can use the miles or the Loyalty Points earned for future bookings for part or full payment of your next stay.

Pointshound Hotel Program

The Pointshound collaborates with fewer Airline Programs but, it offers the best luxury hotel stays with the premium brands such as Hyatt, Le Meridien, Royal Plaza, The Imperials, The Manor, The Grand Hotels to name a few at reasonable prices.  

hotel programsThe Pointshound program also works in the similar manner as mentioned above. All you need is your Airline Loyalty Membership no. and you can easily connect them with your Pointshound account. Once implemented into your account, you can select your preferred Airline Loyalty Program and go ahead with booking the hotels.

Booking.com Hotel Program

Booking.com is one of the hotel booking options for to make hotel bookings from more than 5,00,000 hotels across the globe. Frankly, I place this website at the bottom most as it prices its hotels too high from the actual real-time rates. However, Booking.com comes with the facility of making a ‘payment later’ or ‘payment on check in’ option that allows you to hold hotel booking rates well in advance.

hotel programsAlso, you cannot use the Booking.com account directly from its website to earn loyalty points. Rather, you need to login into your Airline Loyalty Program Account and from there you need to follow the link to Booking.com account for making a booking. The Booking.com loyalty program earns the traveler a flat 4 Points per Rs.100/- spent on the hotel room.


The hotel programs are the best ways to earn loyalty points on your travel expenses. You can recover more than 30-45% of your travel investment and reuse the miles earned for more bookings. When compared to earning loyalty points for booking flights, the hotel programs have more scope to earn miles, as the air bookings only earn you miles for the flight distances traveled between sectors, whereas, in case of hotel programs, you earn Airline Loyalty Points on almost per night stay. Go ahead and try them out today…