6 Awesome Travel Gadgets that Will Make Every Backpacker’s Day

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Backpacking across the globe can be a herculean job. Staying connected, doing your job on-the-go, getting updated and being able to update others about your experiences while traveling are some of the challenging issues every backpacker faces during some part of his journey. While you stay on the road, here’s how these 6 gadgets can help you stay updated as you keeping crossing each milestone.

1.    5TB Extendable Hard Drive

travel gadgets
Toshiba Canvio Series

As you travel, you are bound to gather lots of memories on the way. You really need to have that amount of memory capacity to preserve your memories. A good extendable hard drive not only helps you store your travel pictures safely but also help you retain the original picture size without the concerns of compressing the images for increasing storage capacity. The Toshiba Canvio series portable terabyte sized extendable hard drive is just the piece you are looking to fit in your pack. Starting from 1 TB, it is also available in 3 TB and 5 TB storage capacities and helps you save several gigs of data, without worry.

2.    Solar Battery Charger

travel gadgets
Nomad 7 Portable Solar Battery charger

Ultra lightweight and portable, weather-resistant solar panel enables you to charge handheld USB/12V gear directly from the sun. Use a Goal Zero portable power pack and store power for your gear day or night. Weighing less than a pound, the Nomad 7 Portable Solar Battery charger is also weather resistant, and can help you on those high altitude mountain climbs and long distance hikes. It allows you to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously and is a consistent source of power backup on the road. Your ideal power backup travel gadgets on the road.

3.    Portable Foot Massager Shoes

travel gadgets
PCH Digital Pulse Massager

Walking and hiking long distances is challenging yet tiring. In the rest periods, you might like to rest and recoup, but you may not always find a spa for yourself. The pocket-sized PCH Digital Pulse massager can be the right pain reliever for you. Compact, rechargeable with internal lithium batteries comes with eight different massage modes to stimulate every pressure point under your feet, you relax and relieve you instantly and prepare you for the next day. And oh, did I mention, it looks like a pair of your regular shoes?

4.    A Vest or a Bag?

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If I tell you that all your small sized gadgets can fit into your vest, would you believe me? The SCOTTeVest comes with insanely 26 pockets to organize all your important gadgets and accessories in one place from passports to mobile phones, camera accessories to spare batteries, your iPod or something as small as ear plugs. Even the collars have been modified to fit in small items safely. What else, you can reduce one full-size bag that occupies a large chunk of space in your travel bag.

5.    Virtual Projection Laser Keyboard

travel gadgets
Virtual Projection Laser Keyboard

A laptop may occupy a large chunk of your baggage space. And a mobile phone virtual keyboard may be too small for your fingers to type out your blog updates. Imagine having a system wherein you can type in the air- I mean virtually. The Virtual Projection Laser Keyboard will change the way you blog on the go. Accessible with a blue tooth connection from your mobile, a laser projection system allows you to type in your data just like your normal laptop or desktop keyboard. What’s more, it is compatible with any Android device, and connects offline too, with any smartphone. Now even before your friends know about it, they will bother you with questions as to how you update things so fast. Get ready to brag them with your answers.

6.    Staying Online and Connected

travel gadgets
Skyroam Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

We spoke a lot about the several travel gadgets but how do you update yourself if you do not have an internet connection. Well, if you have a portable Wi-Fi hotspot accessible in more than 60 countries, will that solve your problem? I think so. The Skyroam Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot helps you set up your own Wi-Fi connectivity on the go, and helps you access unlimited data for as low as $10 a day. It lets you connect up to 5 devices and has a battery backup of 8 hours. Now, no one misses your inspiring stories, ever!


Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

6 thoughts on “6 Awesome Travel Gadgets that Will Make Every Backpacker’s Day

  1. So costly.. the word that will come to anyone’s mind who reads this post but when they are done blaming the costs and think about it, this things are actually worth investment. loved this informative post. You own all these things for your journeys?
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Actually yes. when you look at the initial investment converted in rupees, they are costly. But it is really valuable, considering how they help you when you are backpacking around.
      I own two of them so far, the Toshiba Memory drive for all the photos I take and the Skyroam. Hunting for the ‘Laser Projection Keyboard… 🙂

      1. I think the same about things too… Even if it’s costly, if it adds something better to aid you then why not buy them instead of buying cheap things that you will throw away in a year or two…

        I hope you ll get all of these soon and have much wonderous experiences. I hope the same for me too… lol

        take care.. see you 🙂

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