The Islands are Calling Again: 7 Best Island Destinations to Hop from India this Year End

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Best Island Destinations

Another year nears an end soon and it is the time of the year when you are wrapping up for your much-awaited dream trip after toiling all round the year. And why not, you deserve it in the most stylish ways. While you might have started off planning already, why not plan for some island hopping instead. Here’s a list of 7 best island destinations to hop from India this New Year!


Mahe` Islands: Seychelles- Image Credits: Wikimedia

The Seychelles island is so small a speck on the world map that it often seems to skip our eye. Located down South on the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles island is dotted with spectacular coral reefs, sun-soaked beaches, and gorgeous shorelines. It is one of those lonely planet destinations where you travel because you do not want to be found at least for some time.



Best Island Countries
The Maldives Islands – Image Credits: Marco Lazzaroni @Flickr

Yet another jewel ahead of the Sri Lankan coast, Maldives is immersed in festivals in the beginning of the year. It only gets illustrious here as the end of the year arrives. The party animals flock together, the beach resorts fill up with tourists and the Hulhule Islands of the capital city Male gears up with the hundreds of yacht party venues on the shores for an unforgettable entry into the New Year.

Lakshadweep Islands

Best Island Countries
Agatti Islands, Lakshadweep, Image Credits – Assagar @Wikimedia

Sometimes the wanderlust is not often very far away. Sometimes, it is right the next door. The small specks of Lakshwadeep Islands are at their pleasant best during the Winters. The lesser ventured Lakshadweep Islands proudly boast of its clear blue skies, pellucid blue waters, and powdery white beaches.

Cocos (Keeling Islands)

Best Island Countries
Cocos(Keeling) Islands: Image Credits: Wikimedia

An extended territory of Australia, the Cocos (Keeling islands) is a wanderlust island with an archipelago of 27 small coral reef islands, swaying palm groves, turquoise blue waters and shiny white beaches that lay hidden from the rest of the world. With merely a population of 600 residents, this small island is waiting to share its hidden treasures to the rest of the world.


Best Island Countries
The Uluwatu Temple

Indonesia officially has more than 17500 islands and let’s say you start exploring one everyday, the first one will repeat itself only after 47 years. That’s a lot of island hopping for one lifetime I must say. Though you are traveling here at the start of rainy season months, you will not repent a moment. The best thing about exploring the Indonesian islands is that it is a portmanteau of cultural surprises that engages you one after the another with its serendipitous beaches, breathtaking lonely planet islands, and lagoons.


Best Island Countries
The Chamarel Waterfalls, Mauritius Image Credits – Shalom Adamina @Flickr

Packed with exotic beaches on the periphery and mountainous lands within, the Mauritian Island is a stupendous combination of beaches, rain-forests, waterfalls, and wildlife. The Black River Gorges National Park on the South West of the Island is a treasure trove of rich biodiversity and an adventurous escape to the park’s iconic hiking trails and wildlife.


Best Island CountriesPalawan Beach, Philippines – Image Credits: Mendhak @Flickr

Philippines has an officially listed count of 7500 Wanderlust Islands, each one unique from the other. Packed with its spectacular and sandy white beaches, secret lagoons, iconic hills and serendipitous waterfalls, Philippines is a volcanic island with a potpourri of surprises for beach and nature lovers.

Planning New Year – Let’s do island hopping!!


Best Island Destinations
Best Island Destinations


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