Date: 25.01.2012

I was on a tour to Bangkok with my family. Took this cruise over the Chao Praya river. In a dim ambiance inside the cruise boat, we were welcomed by the traditional Thai music and dance. Eventually, the real show was the cabaret performance by the wo(men) dancers. Yes!! you guessed right. Quite deceptive for the looks of a woman.

I had a funny surprise coming in though. I started recording bits and pieces of the performances, completely unawares that my 2 yr old girl carefully slipped from between us, and got the dancers by surprise and us too..when I found her on the stage, obviously, I started looking around for my girl. She was next to me just about a minute ago. How did she land there so quick?

Well, there was no reaction time. And I also knew there was no point trying to pull her back now..The cameras had changed positions, the dancer was not prepared for this and my girl had no clue what she was looking at..In a split second, the crowd cheered. Then I allowed things to go with the flow..

And what came by was this memorable event. It was fun and happiness. What a way to enjoy a cabaret??

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