There’s Something About Losing Yourself In The Allapuzha Sunsets

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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

It is 4 p.m in the afternoon and I have touched the soil of Allapuzha, Kerala, and despite the long bone-breaking journey I had from Mumbai to Kerala, the sunset seems so inviting that I cannot stop myself from getting ready for a phenomenal sunset experience.

 Heading for the Allapuzha Sunsets

I have checked in to the Keraleeyam  Heritage Home and Ayurveda Resort and I cannot wait more for the sunsets. I have to get ready asap and head for the beach before the sun skips back into the horizon. So, my friends and I have hasted up and lil bit and headed straight for the Allapuzha Beach, where the sunset awaits us.

Exploring Allapuzha – The amber sunsets

The Mystery Unfolds

We are at the Allapuzha beach now, and the skyline is all amber and gray. The gentle waves are reflecting back the shades of the horizon and the sea-breeze is gently swaying the palm trees at the coast.

The waves hit the coast and went back, as if calling us in; it was time to take a dip in the nature’s pool. And that we did. Splashing away into the warm waters, it was an amazing experience. Moments such as these are rare to get, and it was a long-deserving break.

Exploring Allapuzha – The bridge over the sea

A long foot-bridge at the coast attracted our attention. From far-off, it seemed like a corridor into a new world; may be a place like an Adventure Island or something..

We waited and splashed around until the sun bade good-byes. Splashing with the waves had never been so much fun before. We will have to wait for another day until tomorrow, when the sun will hit the horizons again. For now, it was time to feed our hungry stomach. We could feel the crunch in our empty bellies as we walked the streets trying to look for a tempting break.

On the way, it was nice to be a part of the local crowd. We asked and asked again,for about half an hour, for a good restaurant in the vicinity. Most of them, mentioned about a restaurant called ‘The Mushroom’. We hoped and moved on that a mouth-watering dinner awaited us.

The ‘Mushroom’-ed Dinner

We have finally reached ‘The Mushrooms’ now and the empty stomach can wait no longer. Its growling now and the voices can be heard to the people on the next seat. Add to that the aroma of the palm oil and the resistance was down to ground zero.

Not any more!!Why is the food taking so much time, we thought.

Keralai Parotha, allapuzha
Exploring Allapuzha – Keralai Parotha

It finally came. There was no ounce of patience left. But, then at least it was worth a click. The ‘Keralai Parotha’ with some rich gravy. The food was spicy a bit, yet the hunger was more dominating. The taste of the coconut oil somehow complemented the tang of the spices. It was also not too heavy on the pockets and was worth paying out. 

That’s what I call a real dinner. Time to head back to the resort now. We had a great time on the first day. We eagerly wait for the sunrise tomorrow on the backwaters. The cameras are kept charged already, and we will be hitting the backwater coast to welcome the sunrise tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow….

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