An Afternoon at the Clarke Quay: Singapore

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Adjoining the Singapore River, Clarke Quay is essentially a harbor which is the start point of the river cruise tours around the Singapore City.  It is a 25 mins travel by taxi from Taman Jurong town, where I stayed with my family for the trip. Here’s an uptake of what you can see and expect here.

At the Clarke Quay Riverside

Clarke Quay
Making our way into the Clarke Quay Entrance

The taxi dropped us at the entrance gate of the Clarke Quay. The entrance is a huge wire-framed prefabricated structure with artistic roofing and glass wall panels which grabs attention at the first glance. The lush green landscape surrounding the area added to the beauty of the place even more. The ideal time to visit is the evenings when the river waters reflect back the glimmer of the glittering lights in the night.

Clarke Quay
Through the classy streets of the Clarke Quay Floating Restaurants

As we entered through the gates, we passed across an alley with hordes of small shops, cafes and restaurants waking up from the late night’s sleep. The buildings had a contemporary European style construction and the alley was covered all along the way with umbrella shaped roofs having with vibrant colors. Singapore experiences rainfall in patches almost every day and hence, most of the outdoors in the country are covered with roof tops, sheltering from the unusual rainfalls one experiences here.

Clarke Quay
Recovering the yerternight’s hangover

What to Expect at Clarke Quay Riverside

It was just another day for Clarke Quay and it was in a state of gloom after a long nightlife which is customary to the place. Clarke Quay is ideal for nightlife. Food, drinks, music and entertainment, wining and dining is what describes Clarke Quay, with the numerous floating restaurants lined all across the river.

Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay View at the Cruise Waiting Area

The floating restaurants refer essentially to the seating areas jutting out of the edge of the river and hanging over the water. With the river gently moving underneath, the seating areas appear to be floating on the river bed as we view it from a distance and hence the floating restaurants.

Clarke Quay
Approach to the Singapore River Bridge

The alley ended with an entry over a bridge onto the Clarke Quay riverside. Along the either side of the alley were the entrances into the floating restaurants.Numerous small and medium sized boats waited along the shore line as we prepared to move for the Riverside cruise tour of the Singapore City.

We continued further to buy our tickets for the Singapore River Cruise..

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