Khekranala Reservoir

What is seeing is what we believe! What we leave unseen often comes as an ‘unbelievable’ surprise. Not very far from the Orange City, amid the thick teak forested jungles of Parseoni village is the Khekranala Reservoir, serendipity that remains secluded from the rest of the world. For the nature enthusiasts, bird-lovers and photographers, Khekranala Reservoir could be a blessing in disguise. 

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Human Library

When I received a call from an unknown number on the first weekend of February, I was about to deny it at first, but then I took the call. A cheerful voice spoke from the other side – Sir, we would like to invite you to speak on our event – ‘Human Library’ at our two day ‘Lit-Up Festival’ organized by ‘The Climber’. It was an invitation to speak as a ‘Human Book’. 

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Nagpur City

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The Nagpur City might not have been on the limelight for many reasons, but it is sure not to remain so for long. Not because I hail from this city, but because it is actually undergoing an expansion of its lifetime, in all spheres, including tourism. In the midst of all this, Nagpur City also has its own list of hidden treasures awaiting for the rest of the world to know. This weekend, I moved out to find out some of the unspoken ones for the rest of the country to explore, when they happen to walk into the city. 

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There are certain places in India which you can cherish in its own unique ways and no way else. For example. if you are traveling to Leh, there is no better way to explore it without a road trip. Escape to the desert lands of Rajasthan and you cannot leave out on the desert safaris here. Speaking of getaways to hill stations closer to the city such as Matheran and Lonavala, Hotels in Matheran and Lonavala are available in plenty because of the increased population. There is no better way to explore Lonavala without embarking on the memorable train journey.

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Rajwada Baner

On this trip to Pune, I traveled to the uptown and trendy locality of Baner, having the costliest properties of Pune City. Baner also has a lot of traditional properties, restaurants and markets which reflect the signature of the Pune traditions. However, unlike Kolkata, these traditional buildings also have evolved pretty well, maintaining their charm and liveliness with the modern times. This time, I wanted to check out the Fabhotels Chain for review and spotted one at Baner. Here’s a quick look into the Hotel Rajwada Baner. 

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