Just 28 km from the main Kathmandu city, Nagarkot forms the North Eastern fringe of the Kathmandu valley. Driving further ahead of the Bhaktapur road, the city life is left far behind, the landscape fills in most of the space in the horizon and scene changes completely. Nagarkot hills offer a spell-binding view of the Himalayas, immersing you into its serendipity.

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I spotted the majestic pyramidal pagodas of Bhaktapur in the Akshay Kumar Starrer ‘Baby’. I am sure you spotted them too. But this is not the only reason I made it a must-see place on my Kathmandu checklist. As a matter of fact, there is much more that Bhaktapur shares in art, history and culture to understand in a single visit. Here’s a walkthrough of what’s in here to witness in this magnificent temple town, full of artistic galore.

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Tibet Peace Inn

Located on the busy narrow streets of Thamel district, Hotel Tibet Peace Inn initially appears low profile. Through the busy street, it might easily slip the eyes of someone who is here for the first time. My situation was no different. We had arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport as scheduled where the hotel staff anxiously awaited to receive us. Here’s our stay experience with family with Hotel Tibet Peace Inn, on our trip to Nepal.

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The Swayambhunath Temple or the ‘Monkey Temple’ is believed to have self-manifested from a lotus flower which formed a part of the lake that spread across the erstwhile Kathmandu valley. Placed on top of a hill, the visit to Swayambhunath Temple blesses one with spectacular panoramic views of the Kathmandu Valley.

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Golden Temple

Continuing further into the Art City of Patan, we walked through the traditional handicrafts market of this city. The place reminded me of the Red Fort Market in New Delhi. You find yourself sent back in time, where you relive the old times. What fascinated us the most was to know about Golden Temple, and this was one of the places definitely worth finding out about.

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