Science City

It is sometimes great to let go off the ‘adult’ in you and become a child again. Visiting Science City is not one of those things that usually comes on my travel list. Over time however, I have learnt to let go off my prejudices about a place. And when it is about learning the universal secrets, a planetarium is a place that not only lets you learn, but also makes learning all the more fascinating. 

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Piston Break

You have been driving for hours now, moving through the topsy-turvy of the Desert Mountains. The vast nothingness of the vacuum stares back at you, as you rarely come across any civilization for miles together. While you are overwhelmed with all the adrenaline rush of your journey, a moment will come when you call for a pause for some time and so will your wheels. You will need a ‘Piston Break’.

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I do admit that one life may not be enough to know the wonders of the world. I do admit that if given a choice on my last day, I would like to restart exploring the world; reaching for part of those places I missed out on before I left the earth. And as and when I come across interesting stories from around the world, this thought only gets reinforced. I only knew of the hot springs in India, until, Richel shared her version of the hot springs from Taiwan. Over to guest blogger Richel, telling the rest of the story in her own words.

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Mumbai is undoubtedly the crown of the country. Whoever said that “Mumbai does not sleep hungry” is true to its literal sense. Everyday, thousands of dreams wake up and move around the city, and no matter what disasters strike this city, the people never stop dreaming. This is my 24 hours in Mumbai, a journey that inspired me to never stop pursuing my dreams!!

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