The Nature's Canvas

A six month long journey to Assam has finally come to an end. I have returned with lots of memories, goodwill, and stories. i journeyed through the remote villages, between the lush green fields, sailed on the artistic boats on the Brahmaputra waters and captured some breathtaking landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. Here is a small photo-journey for my readers. These are some of my favourite pictures as I traveled across the entire state. 

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As one ventures North East India on a road trip, the best way to enjoy the breaks in between is to stop at the retail tea outlets. Making a second entry to the tea factories, these retail outlets showcase the tea coming directly out of the tea-factories. Packaged within the factory itself, and available for sale, it is a wonderful opportunity for tea-tours in the state. 

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Prashanti Udyan

Whenever I passed by the streets of Guwahati to head to the railway station in a jiffy, I always used to pass by this pleasant and peaceful garden, Prashaanti Udyan. From the windows of the bus, I could see couples pedaling on pedal boats, enjoying the serenity around. This garden was always on the eye, but never at hand. So, this time, on my way back home, I took out some time to enjoy the evening serenity in this garden. 

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11th Avenue- Cafe` Bistro
Mojito on fire, 11th Avenue-Cafe`Bistro
Mojito on fire

The 11th Avenue- Cafe`Bistro is located adjoining the street where the Assam State Museum is located. After visiting the museum, I took a break to sip coffee here, but ended up with the refreshing mojito instead. Facing the serenity of the Prashanti Udyan, this cafe` can be an ideal hangout place in the evenings. 

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