Piston Break

You have been driving for hours now, moving through the topsy-turvy of the Desert Mountains. The vast nothingness of the vacuum stares back at you, as you rarely come across any civilization for miles together. While you are overwhelmed with all the adrenaline rush of your journey, a moment will come when you call for a pause for some time and so will your wheels. You will need a ‘Piston Break’.

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Grand Himalaya Hotel

At the foot of the Leh Palace, the Grand Himalaya Hotel is one of those idyllic hotels that come to you with a refreshing surprise; and when it comes with an unparalleled luxury, it makes your vacation worth the time. Placed conveniently in the heart of the Leh town, the Grand Himalaya Hotel a quick glimpse into the Ladakh’s vibrant culture.

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Amid the mountain desert of India, Leh has it own hidden secrets. Patterns of amber, yellow, brown colored mountains, with patches of greenery in between, and the sublime Indus flowing across the land, the mountains of Leh engulfing the vast plateau in front comes with a stunning beauty of its own. My journey here is not only about going back to the mountains, but knowing about them once again. 

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