Ayur County Resorts

Kerala as they say is ‘God’s own country’. Blessed with iconic natural beauty, carpets of tea gardens lining the hill-slopes and spectacular lakes Kerala casts its spell on anyone visiting here, every single time. Amid the breathtaking beauty of the Munnar Valleys is nestled the Ayur County Resorts, a stay that had much more to speak than comfort. 

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Planning a relaxed break from the mundane this holiday? Why not drive down south to Kumbalangi,Kochi in the pristine greenery of rural India where a breathtaking serenity and a blue hued landscape awaits to soothe your soul. The Aquatic Resort is a 30-acre of floating oasis that combines stupendous architecture with phenomenal natural beauty of the backwaters.Here are 8 reasons that will make you spend a holiday here….

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Kannur – Picture Courtesy: The Lone Traveller

It had been a merry-go-round trip for me the whole morning. I was desperately looking for a ride from Kannur to Mysore, but on enquiring from a local, he advised me to go to the Kannur town. However, upon reaching the town, I realized there wont be any bus until afternoon, by which time, I would have lost my flight back to Nagpur. There was no bus until afternoon.

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