Mumbai is undoubtedly the crown of the country. Whoever said that “Mumbai does not sleep hungry” is true to its literal sense. Everyday, thousands of dreams wake up and move around the city, and no matter what disasters strike this city, the people never stop dreaming. This is my 24 hours in Mumbai, a journey that inspired me to never stop pursuing my dreams!!

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monsoon escapes

Having stayed in Central India for the better part of my life, I admit that people visiting from other parts of the country do have their prejudices. After all, staying closer to the Equatorial line has its own natural challenges.Harsh summer heat and water-shortage often make it an unusual choice for life settlement, let alone tourism.

But, it also does come with its own stroke of good luck, especially in the monsoon seasons. The otherwise intermittent, sometimes ephemeral  water bodies fill up with rain waters and the weather comes with an unexpected cool breeze in the air. It is one of those breezes you would love over the a.c in your car and are best enjoyed with your car window shades open. On the other hand, as September steps in, the festivities are on a high, as they keep pouring in one after the other, just like the rainfall. All this makes a perfect setting for a monsoon getaway here. And there are some really hidden offbeat escapes in Central India, that do exist on the map, but are yet to get discovered by the ‘traveler’s eye. 

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It is almost eight years since the 26/11 episode when Mumbai went through the worst experiences of its time. Today, things have come to normal, despite the wounds not healed completely. The Gateway of India is crowded with people as always, with travellers flocked in from all parts of the globe, to witness the jewels of Mumbai City. The glimpses of a day spent at the Gateway of India…..

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Pandavleni Hills

I have hiked the Pandavleni Caves in Nasik several times. Surrounded by a lush greenery around, the caves are an ideal place for the early morning Pranayama lovers. I wondered though what lied beyond the caves, most of the times, but didn’t really make up my mind for it. Until in the rainy season of 2013, I finally decided to hike beyond the caves to find out… 

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