It was a long time wish of my parents, to visit Jagannath Temple, Puri.. The idea of being to a heritage site right next to the sea-shore intrigued me as such, as also the fascinating facts about the Jagannath Temple Puri. We took this trip in Feb 2009, and back then, little did I know, that, I would be blogging some day..I sincerely wish I had more photos for my posts but that’s a lesson I have learnt over time, to keep memories of the places I traveled. Here’s the some memorable accounts of my journey!!

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Konark Temple

The Konark Temple in Orissa, India is one the best ‘Architectural Masterpieces’ I have encountered while traveling across India. Also called the ‘Sun Temple’, this temple was designed in the 13th Century, not only as a salutation to the ‘The Divine Sun God’, which showers its blessings on all living beings alike, but also played a strategic role in preventing various invasions attempted on Indian territory.

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