Science City

It is sometimes great to let go off the ‘adult’ in you and become a child again. Visiting Science City is not one of those things that usually comes on my travel list. Over time however, I have learnt to let go off my prejudices about a place. And when it is about learning the universal secrets, a planetarium is a place that not only lets you learn, but also makes learning all the more fascinating. 

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Kolkata has many things that inspire me. The colonial city might have not been through a rapid transition into a modern city, but it is constantly doing so. Every time that I happen to come here, there is something new that exists since the last time. Today, I am at the City Centre Mall, Salt Lake City; one of the bustling neighbourhoods of the city. I am going to the ‘Wow’ momos to find out why they call them ‘Wow’. So join me in..

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There is always a distinct charm about traveling to Kolkata, especially the old city. No matter how much the crowd, it is always accommodating one with open arms. So what, that it gets crowded, and people brush across each other through gaps of millicentimeters, yet, people and objects of all sizes and shapes seamlessly fit themselves within the limited spaces of Howrah. My journey to Kolkata took me once again,through these chaotic and contemporary lanes as I tried to find out how Howrah finds its peace through these narrow spaces. 

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Once the Capital of the Imperials and the major port, Kolkata has its imprints deep into the Indian history and culture and often defines the richness and heritage of the country. An unique city which has been able to remarkably preserve the legacy, yet allowed space for the modernity to seep in. Kolkata today is a city that is a concoction of the ancient and the modern culture. Here are some places that will take you on a culture trip…

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