Nusa Dua

Bali – a place of exotic beaches, breathtaking coastlines, and a haven for surfers and beach lovers. It only gets better here as you slowly sink in with the place. And if you are at Nusa Dua beach, you cannot help becoming a beach goer for the rest of your life. All you will do is lie down on the shore, and let the gentle breeze do the rest. Here’s how doing nothing but lying down on the beach can be simply cool on such afternoons.

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UluwatuThe city of temples, rice fields, scenic landscapes and exotic beaches, Bali is all about a historic journey through spellbinding cultural secrets that are not easy to unearth. The city dates its existence as early as 4th century and has impressions of the oldest civilization of the world – The Hindu Culture. Before I explored Bali, my impression about it was that it is more of a beach destination, until I took a dive deeper to seek the Indian connection with Balinese culture. At Uluwatu, there was more than just history waiting…

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transeraOn my recent group tour to Bali, I chose the Transera Kamini Resorts for the group stay. Nestled in the bustling Legian neighbourhoods, it was an obvious choice for the group due to its location, group preferences, amenities and choice of activities for the group. A small luxury resort, it offers surprisingly chic facilities that will take anyone by surprise. Here’s a review of my sneak peek into this comfy and exquisite resort.

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explore bali

Bali is a destination on the bucket list of many, for all the exotica it offers. Especially as the Government of Indonesia has done away with its infamous Airport Taxes, that earlier used to springboard a traveler’s budget, Bali increasingly is drawing eyes from more and more travelers. Here’s the ‘Trawellblogger’s Guide’ on how you can explore Bali on a budget.

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