As the first week of January stepped in, every year, I would break open my tin coin box (I hated the word piggy bank) and counted how much I have collected for buying the new set of kites. I had the old ones too. Some kites, I made myself, using the plastic from the package boxes. They used to be rugged, and would sometimes stand the occasional uninvited rainfall too, prevented from getting withered away like paper kites. And did they fly; they flew with enough strength to leave fine lines of cuts on my index finger. Today, when I stop to think about it, I realize how kites shaped the way I dealt with situations in life.

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The colors prepare to take to the sky again. Holi is close by and as the weather fills the atmosphere with the vibrancy of spring, it is time for fun, frolic, and happiness.While you immerse yourself in the vibrant colours of Holi, why not make a chilling entry into the scorching summer by celebrating the festival near one of the spectacular waterfalls in the country. Here’s a list of some breathtaking waterfalls in India to enjoy Holi at your own pace and style. 

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Festival Travel

Festivals play a major role in our lives as it is that one opportunity when we get to break free from our mundane lifestyle and seek some inner peace and harmony. But a trip to attend a festival in an unknown country can change the way we celebrate life altogether. Here are  8 reasons how festival travel can be great motivators.  

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