Best Island Destinations

Another year nears an end soon and it is the time of the year when you are wrapping up for your much-awaited dream trip after toiling all round the year. And why not, you deserve it in the most stylish ways. While you might have started off planning already, why not plan for some island hopping instead. Here’s a list of 7 best island destinations to hop from India this New Year!

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Ethiopian Airlines

The preferred choice of flying to South Africa is Emirates, Air Mauritius or Qatar Airways. However, the Ethiopian Airlines is no less. With its Dreamliner series of Boeing -747 fleet, the Ethiopian Airlines comes with luxury and comfort at a price unimaginable. Here’s a quick review of my first trip on the Ethiopian Airlines to Cape Town.

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Transit Visa

Today, I am going to discuss about something that keeps all travelers intrigued till the last day of their travel – Transit Visa. I regularly come across travelers asking overwhelming questions about Transit Visa, and realized that most of them get confused about its requirements and applicability. In this post, I will try to clear the air. The rules of Transit Visa are different for Indian citizens when applying to different countries . Here, I try to discuss, what applies in general when we speak of Transit Visa. 

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South African Visa

Applying for a Visa on an Indian Passport is a cumbersome and overwhelming process. Despite the e-Visa processes in place, the requirements of getting a Visa still remain stringent for many countries, including South Africa. After Schnegen and US Visas, the South African Visa is another topsy-turvy when it comes to making a correct application. Here’s what you need to know when you apply for a South African Visa to sail past smoothly. 

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Lesser Traveled Summer Destinations

Summers have stepped in and if you have already started looking out for the next summer destination in India, but not able to find anything other than the usual destinations, its time to get hold of something lesser traveled. This summer, gear up to beat the heat by adding these places to your list of “Lesser Traveled Summer Destinations” in India. 

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