Enjoying the Serenity of the Brahmaputra River with Alfresco Park River Cruise

Located along the banks of the Brahmaputra River, the Alfresco park is the starting point for an exciting journey into the serene Brahmaputra River. With its vast expanse, the Brahmaputra is the widest river in India with a breadth spanning almost 4km-5km, and has a treasure trove of some of the largest fresh water fishes. I had always seen this point from the window of buses while passing over the MG. Road in Guwahati. This time though, I had made up my mind to take this trip at all costs…

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Khajrana Temple, Recollections of Indore: Trip to Khajrana Temple

It was a family reunion at Indore and the moment was that of celebration and happiness. My grandmother had also joined us. Though an old lady, she still  had the taste of travel, and her age hardly seemed to deter her life. She gave a giggling smile as she came to know we will be exploring Indore every weekend.

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  Located on the banks of Narmada River, the Omkareshwar Temple is one of the 12 revered shrines of Lord Shiva. A one and a half hour road trip from Indore along the MP SH-27 took us to the outskirts of Ujjain city, where we would undertake our Spiritual journey to the Omkareshwar Temple. Update:Read…Continue Reading “A Spiritual Journey at Omkareshwar, Ujjain”

Situated at the heart of the Sibsagar town, is the Shiva Temple ‘Sibsagar Sivadol’ with the pristine Sibsagar lake in its background. The kingdom of the Ahom dynasty, this temple was built in 1734 by Bar Raja Ambika, queen of Ahom king Swargadeo Siba Singha (1714–1744).

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Located at an altitude of 1650 m (5410 feet), Gangtok, Sikkim is one of the most sought after and favourite tourist spots of the North East India. With its beautiful and scenic landscape, snow-capped view of the Kanchenjunga Peaks, vibrant culture, intricate artistry and pristine beauty, Gangtok can be a land of surprises for the new traveller. I travelled here with my family to celebrate the New Year of 2013 and had a time full of happy memories. Here’s how you can plan a road trip with your family to this fabulous town.

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