The Voet Pad Trail

The Cape Point Trail is not the only one that you get to enjoy at the Cape of Good Hope. In fact, the area has several walking trails that are a good experience for all ages. After descending the Cape Point Trail, it was time to explore the trail that leads to the ‘Cape of Good Hope’; also known as the Voet Pad Trail.

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Cape of Good Hope

The Southern most tip of Africa, The Cape of Good Hope is something I only knew of and read about in my Geography textbooks in school. As a reader though, you can picture very little just by reading about something, unless you really see it in person. That’s what being here felt like! A moment when suddenly, everything that you have read about comes out of the books and becomes a reality. Today, standing at the Cape Point and looking far into the horizon, it felt as if all that I read long ago, has transpired into reality, without having asked for it!

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Quirky Experiences

I have experienced this and any traveler like me would agree- when people of two different cultures meet and try to communicate, the moment created is simply priceless! Imagine the moment where you try in desperation to explain the other person when he doesn’t know a thing you are saying! It is between these moments when two cultures struggle to break the communication barrier and try to speak their heart out. Having found myself in such situations several times over, few accounts stay close to my heart.

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