4 years young

On this very day, 4 years ago, I stepped out into the wanderlust, and the journey continues.

Today, it turns 4 years young.

As another year passes by, it only adds to the distances traveled and distances met.

Wrapping up another year, it is always nostalgic to retrace the footprints of the places traveled.

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Travel Maps

One thing that is always intriguing for the travel bloggers is to summarize their journeys. To do that needs a lot of effort, as it has taken long time travel hopping from one destination to the other in your never-ending quest. Maps are a great way to create a compilation of your escapades. Here’s how you can create an impressive travel map for your blog.

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Grand Himalaya Hotel

At the foot of the Leh Palace, the Grand Himalaya Hotel is one of those idyllic hotels that come to you with a refreshing surprise; and when it comes with an unparalleled luxury, it makes your vacation worth the time. Placed conveniently in the heart of the Leh town, the Grand Himalaya Hotel a quick glimpse into the Ladakh’s vibrant culture.

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