Vietnam may have slipped off your eyes for one reason or the other, but not too long. With its awe-inspiring ecosystem, serene lakes, untouched shores, serendipitous islands, and years of military history, Vietnam is a country of unique surprises for its travelers. It is an abode to iconic landmarks, historical museums, bustling cities, and majestic Buddhist Pagodas. Get aboard on a cultural trip to Vietnam and find out the best ways you can experience the country in monsoons. 

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Constructed in 12th Century, the impregnable Gawilgarh fort is surrounded from three sides with vertical gorges and the fourth side with a lake. The fort provides a defensive position that acted as a vantage point, making it impossible to penetrate. Taking a journey into these ruins today to find out more about this remarkable fortification.

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Relishing Barbecue ‘Shawarma Style’: Review-Shawarma Hut

As the sun makes its way down in the best, and the waves on the beach start to rise up in tide, the evening starts to get younger in Colva, South Goa. With the gentle coastal breeze, the streets start bustling up with travelers, who have come from across the globe, for an invigorating beach…Continue Reading “Relishing Barbecue ‘Shawarma Style’:Review-Shawarma Hut”

Blog Post Title: Cities Less Traveled

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Is New York City on your bucket list of destinations this year? If Manhattan is the only borough that comes to your mind first, the moment you think of New York, think again! The other four boroughs of the city still remain lesser known to the travellers like you, so why not change the course a little and cruise your way to the lesser explored Staten Island in the southwest? Here are some of the hotels on the island  that will help you to plan your trip here.

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Journey to the Door of Heaven: Swarg Ka Dwar

The war of Kurukshetra was over. The near and dear ones lost; sons, brothers, uncles, cousins had all met the aftermath of the bloodiest mythological episode of the earth, Mahabharata. After the war, it was  time of self-assessment for the Pandavas, what they learnt from this war, and was victory really worth it!

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