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Most of the travelers I meet on a daily basis are hesitant when it comes to traveling International. They are clouded by questions such as ‘How will I get directions?’, ‘Who will help me out?, ‘How will I communicate with others?’, and several such questions, that keep them bothered from making that move, at least alone. The discomfort and insecurity of ‘getting lost in the unknown’ is clearly visible on their faces.

But, it is only about observation and awareness and the more you travel, the better your instincts become. Most of the solutions generally surround you and if you develop the skill of spotting them, it will keep you going. Here are 5 ways you can safely travel international like a pro on your next overseas trip.

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Air Asia

Air AsiaAir Asia holds the major share of the operations in the South East Asian destinations. With ample connectivity options to connect with several sectors throughout the day, it can be any travelers preferred choice for airline while flying in this route. However, all this comes with a catch, often at the cot of the traveler’s inconvenience. I thought it was occasional, until I realized that it was a routine affiar. Here are 5 reasons, why Air Asia may not be the best choice for a low cost International Airline while flying South East Asia. 

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hotel programs

hotel programsTravel options are getting easier than before. All you need to know is the right kind of tools to fund yourself. In my Airline Loyalty Program Series earlier, I spoke about how you can intelligently invest your travel funds to convert them into loyalty points. In case you missed out, here is the link to the post:-

The Trawellblogger’s Guide on Starting With Airline Loyalty Programs

In this post, we discuss the 5 best hotel programs that can earn you thousands of miles for your travel. Funding your travels through the hotel programs was never that easier. 

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Travelling international can be sometimes intriguing, especially the first time. Whether you are travelling the first time or are a frequent flyer, you will come across this situation of travelling on a throughfare flight ticket. Here’s what you must know while you are booking yourself a through flight ticket on your international trip. 

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Well, those of you who missed out on my earlier post and who are not convinced yet with the concept of point and miles, they probably still face the question, what’s the point? If you took your time to download my e-book, you would have realized by now that how simply by changing the way you had spent all your life, you can change the way you could travel, from here on! If not, this post will help you delve further into how you can understand and work on the Miles Programs. Let us get to the point then!

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